Certain negative experiences can leave an energetic imprint on your soul that can create unwanted blocks in your life. As time is not linear, these experiences can be in your past, your present and your future, all simultaneously affecting you at the same time.

Through this powerful 60 minute distance energy healing session, I will work to clear negative experiences affecting your soul, from your akashic records (also known as the book of life, which records all of your past/present/future experiences). I will remove any negative energetic imprints that serve no purpose and are causing blocks for you, on all planes of existence and all directions of time.

When your soul experiences any trauma, parts of it can become fragmented,  attached to different experiences that have taken place. The memory of trauma at a subconscious level is so strong that it becomes difficult to let go, heal and move on. This prevents you from being able to reach your full potential in the present moment. This healing will heal and bring back parts of your soul that have been left behind with traumatic experiences. 

Some examples of events/patterns/experiences that can be cleared out through this healing: 

- losing  a loved one or children
- suffering abuse
- being persecuted for spiritual beliefs or abilities
- unhealed relationships with the souls of your family members or friends
- outdated soul contracts (your soul contracted to a certain experience to learn a lesson but the lesson is learned and the contract is unnecessarily causing a repetition of old patterns or outmoded ways of being)

*This is done by distance healing only
* This healing can be done more than once as events continue to occur on all planes of existence/all directions of time that affect you on a soul level. I recommend at least twice a year. 

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