Make Valentine's Day More Meaningful

Teddy bears, chocolates, perfume and jewelry – it’s that time of year again!

For those who are single, the sentiment surrounding this holiday can very much be like the way it is depicted in this video (I admit I have been here many times):

For those who are in relationships, there might be pressure to make everything perfect for their special someone. I will always remember seeing a bunch of men in a drug store on Valentine’s Day, staring confusedly at the stuffed animals and chocolates on display. I laughed because they were obviously buying something last minute and looked genuinely stressed out about it. It struck me as odd – all that pressure on a day that was supposed to be about a light-hearted, loving energy.

I personally love Valentine’s day. I think it’s sweet that there’s a day dedicated to focusing on all the relationships in your life – not just romantic relationships. It’s also a wonderful time to focus on the relationship that you have with yourself.

Unfortunately, this day does have a tendency to turn some people into harsh self-critics. There are expectations, especially in the media (take Victoria’s Secret for example), about how women should look like and act on this day. Men can also face the same pressure – it just takes their partner to get googley-eyed at a shirtless Chris Hemsworth before their self-esteem plummets!

So it’s no surprise that Valentine’s day can invoke feelings of insecurity. It’s easy to feel like you may not be good enough or attractive enough for someone to be into you. You can also feel like you’ve lost the “spark” in your relationship as the years have gone by and there’s no way of infusing it with a renewed sense of love and passion.

If these thoughts are entering your head – your solar plexus is out of whack and needs some loving care and attention. This is the energy center that is associated with confidence, security and self-esteem. When it’s healthy, we’re happy with how we are and have a fully developed sense of self. The energy from this center feeds another energy center, the heart chakra, because when we have a strong sense of self-respect and self-esteem, it’s easier for us to love and appreciate ourselves, even with our flaws. If these energy centers are healthy, they can set strong foundation for your relationships and can even attract new (positive and healthy) ones to you.

I personally think the best Valentine’s Day involves letting go of all the pressure of how things should look like, including how you look or whether there’s a special someone on your arm. It should involve focusing on gratitude for all the relationships that you have in your life. You can then find ways of expressing that gratitude to those people– maybe it’s buying them a meaningful token present, cooking them a meal, or taking them out to their favourite restaurant. The day should be about focusing on celebrating your relationships in whatever way is comfortable and meaningful to both you and your loved ones.

Here’s a little reminder of the energy centers to focus on for healthy love & relationships:

Solar Plexus – confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-control

Heart Chakra – love, gratitude, self-appreciation, romance, and humanity

Wishing you a heart-opening and meaningful Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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