Re-programing Your Energetic Engram

This past week, I was at my chiropractor’s office and he said, “Part of healing involves retraining the mind that it is normal to feel okay and well”. He explained to me that we often have “engrams” – or encoded ways of being that stay with us long after we have undergone something traumatic or negative. He said that you can speed up your recovery the sooner you begin to mentally accept that is completely normal to feel healthy and well. Once you do that, you put a new “blueprint” in place, which allows the “new you” to come through, instead of reverting back to an outmoded way of being.

I firmly believe what he says. Sometimes, I have clients who come to me for healing and feel great after a healing session but weeks later, find themselves going back to how they used to be. They ask me why the energy healing didn’t last and I usually tell them that there was a part of them that wasn’t accepting that it was okay to be fine. They basically have an outdated way of being encoded in their energy fields that needs to be replaced with permission from their mind.

I usually find this to be the case with people’s whose mental fields are so cluttered and overactive that it creates a barrier for energy from the higher chakras to move in and reconstruct their energetic matrix.

The first step is to be cognizant of it. The second step is to work on it.

This is why I repeatedly affirm that healing is a collaborative effort – you cannot lie down on a massage table or bed and expect that the healer will be able to cure you of all your problems. You will have to do your own inner work and accept that things can be different and more so, that it is normal for it to be the way you want it to be. Healing involves your body, mind and spirit. The more work you do, the easier it is for a healer to help you move blocks from your energy centers and fields. Do not underestimate your own power.

So if you find yourself not healing in a particular area of your life, I suggest that you take a moment and reflect upon what might be causing you to hold back on accepting the “new” you. I wrote a blog post, “Subconscious Thoughts That Prevent Healing”, which may help you find out what might be holding you back in your healing journey.

The sooner you begin to accept that it’s normal to be healthy and well, the sooner you’ll see changes.

Happy reprogramming your energetic engram! 🙂