Tap Into the Energy of Your Personal Motto


These past few months, I have been reflecting a lot about what qualities I aspire to radiate to myself and others. I found myself repeating “love, beauty and grace” while commuting to work and sometimes before going to sleep at night.

My friend is an artist and I asked her to make me a poster that encapsulated what I began to realize was my personal motto for this stage of my life.

The actual meaning of my personal motto is the following:

For me, love is often the solution to most problems. I like to ask myself whether I am making choices in my life from a place of fear or love. I also try to be loving to myself and others.

Beauty for me is about inner beauty. If you’re doing what you can to be a good person and authentic to yourself, you will radiate beauty. This is all about tapping into the energy of who you are and emulating that, as opposed to emulating what others or society dictates as being beautiful.

I also believe in finding beauty in the midst of challenging circumstances – whether it’s sharing a laugh with a friend or counting the blessings that you do already have in your life.

Grace is all about how you handle challenges in life – you can play the victim and complain, or you can rise up to the challenge and seek the deeper meaning behind it existing in your life. Grace means not judging yourself and being kind to yourself. I also believe that if you succeed in handling challenges with grace, the outcome is strength.

I think a personal motto can change at any point in your life or the meaning behind the words may change.

Words have an energy or vibration to them – if you are familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, you know that words put on glasses of water actually affect the crystalline structure of the water into different patterns. The more positive words have beautiful, clear crystalline patterns while the negative ones are muggy and not so beautiful. Considering that human begins are made up of approximately 70% water, our body would be responding to words in the same way. So it’s best to keep words in your mind that align with the qualities that you want to radiate for your overall mental, emotional and physical health.

So please go ahead and think about what personal motto you would like for this time in your life.

And if you like my friend’s artwork, please check her website out and place an order – you can get your own motto customized in whatever way you wish. I like to keep mine in my room so that it is part of my conscious awareness and daily reflection.

Have fun! 🙂