The Energetic Benefits of Spring Cleaning


One of the things that excites me about spring is the feeling of new beginnings, which is why I love spring cleaning! I love kicking out old energy and welcoming in the new.

My friend, who is quite the expert in feng shui, explained to me that when your surroundings reflect an old and outdated mode of yourself, you take on that energy and attract more of the same. She explained to me that keeping items from your past can perpetuate your history instead of attracting new circumstances.

Some fascinating ideas she shared me include:

  • old books reflect old, stagnant knowledge
  • childhood items perpetuate a version of yourself that is outdated
  • a lack of balanced female and male energies in a room can create imbalances in your relationships or prevent you from attracting a healthy, balanced relationship

I think that your bedroom is a place where you really want to pay attention to the energy of your surroundings – you’re sleeping there every night, which means that your subconscious mind is soaking in the energy of that room for approximately 8 hours! Remember that your subconscious mind drives your reality. For this reason, your bedroom should be a positive space filled with things that relax you and are reflective of what you want to attract in your life.

Here are some things you can place in your room to keep it buzzing at a high vibration:

  • salt lamps
  • crystals
  • fresh flowers
  • vision/dream boards
  • healing artwork
  • pictures of your role model (but keep in mind that if your role model struggled with the same thing that you are struggling with creating in your life, it might be time to find someone else that emulates what you’re looking for)
  • happy pictures with your loved ones

Here’s what you’ll want to get rid of:

  • clutter, in any way, shape or form
  • items you’re not using anymore
  • items that remind you of a time of your life that was difficult or painful
  • anything that makes you feel restricted, instead of creative and free

I can honestly say that since I’ve started spring cleaning, the energy of my room feels way better and I’m finding myself wanting to spend more time there when I need to retreat and rejuvenate. I hope you’ll do the same for yourself!

Happy Spring Cleaning!