The Gifts of Distance


I have been reflecting a lot about the nature of distance and the gifts it brings – whether it’s taking time away from work, a relationship, a food you might be addicted to or even a schedule that has become customary. No matter what it is, distance often brings fresh perspective and insight. It urges you to bring into your conscious awareness those subconscious thoughts and feelings about the things you are distancing yourself away from.

Some of the areas of life you may gain insight about include:
– what it is that you are taking for granted
– the ways in which you are settling instead of pushing yourself to achieve more
– emotions that you are avoiding and that are holding you back

Sometimes you may not choose to distance yourself away from something and it happens naturally. For example, that stomach bug that makes you avoid your favourite foods or the friends that may naturally fall away. I find that these experiences often serve as wake-up calls. The stomach bug tells you to take better care of yourself and re-evaluate the foods you continuously consume. The friends who fall away allow you to examine the nature of your relationship with them and discern whether they were truly adding value to your life.

Ultimately, distancing tends to be the first step toward releasing things that are holding you back. You learn to release taking things for granted, fear that is preventing you from taking positive action, and emotions that are keeping you in the cocoon of a stagnant life.

While you do have your free will, these wake-up calls often push you in a direction that resonates with your authentic self and living a high vibe life.

I ask you to think about what it is that you think you need to distance yourself away from to bring a better energy and transformative healing into your life.

Happy reflecting! 🙂