The Root Chakra - Your Foundation


The root chakra sits at the base of the spine and is the colour red. This is the energy center that is predominantly responsible for your overall physical health. On an emotional level, it is associated with being grounded and feeling like your basic needs are met.

The root chakra is your foundation and much like the foundation of the house, if it is not intact, the rest of your chakras will be affected. In this regard, your root chakra can be thought of as the most important chakra to work on. If it is healthy, it is much easier to heal your other chakras.

On a physical level, an imbalanced root chakra can manifest as eating disorders, spine or back problems, bone disorders, problems with your feet/legs, immune system issues, and rectal or colon cancer. On an emotional level, an imbalanced root chakra can manifest as feelings of anxiety and fear.

If your root chakra is imbalanced and overactive (that is, there is more of a “yang” or masculine energy associated with it), then you may feel excessively worried about security and finances. You may also find yourself living in a state of paranoia with respect to what will happen to your material conditions. It is also likely that you will feel unsafe in the world or abandoned by the universe.

Some experiences that may lead you to have a root chakra imbalance are:
• Loss of a job
• Holding a job that does not pay enough
• Financial strain due to family obligations
• Any kind of physical accident
• Physical illness
• Being abandoned at a young age
• Going through a divorce
• Experiencing the loss of a loved one

Tips to Balance Your Root Chakra

Ground Yourself Internally
Learn how to find a sense of being grounded and secure within yourself, even if your external environment cannot provide it.

Physically Ground Yourself
Any form of exercise is a wonderful way to ground yourself and restore balance to your root chakra. It’s even better if you can exercise outdoors in nature. Other ways to ground yourself include immersing yourself in activities that use your hands, such as baking, cooking, or creating art.

Nourish Yourself
Your diet is so important for a healthy root chakra and body. Minimize refined sugar, caffeine and fried food. Incorporate nutritious, whole foods.

Use the Following Affirmations
“I am secure”
“I trust all will be provided for me”
“I release all fears about money and security”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy root chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Garnet, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, and Ruby.