The Sacral Chakra - Your Center of Creativity and Emotions


The sacral chakra sits under your navel and is the colour orange. This is the energy center that is predominantly responsible for your creativity. It is also associated with your emotions relating to others and life.

On a physical level, an imbalanced sacral chakra can manifest as sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, prostrate issues in men, lower back pain, and problems with the bladder or urinary tract. It can also manifest as digestive difficulties affecting the lower gastrointestinal tract such as inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, and diverticulitis. Eating disorders, addictions, and depression are also common manifestations of a sacral chakra imbalance.

If your sacral chakra is imbalanced, then you may feel a lack of love for life. You are also more likely to be disconnected from your feelings or have trouble expressing them. In addition, you may be shutting out your inner child and creative side. You may also find yourself not feeling comfortable with your body.

Some experiences that may lead you to have a sacral chakra imbalance are:
• Any event that has left you with a feeling of guilt or shame
• Negative sexual experiences
• Being rejected
• Events that make you hate life or make you feel like life is a burden
• Being criticized by others for how you look
• Changes in your body such as gaining weight or going through pregnancy

Tips to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Express Yourself Authentically
Journal out your emotions or rant to a trustworthy friend. When you do this, be sure to be uncensored and honest. Don’t judge or criticize yourself for how you are feeling.

Connect with Water
While taking a sea salt bath benefits all of your chakras and energy fields, it is particularly beneficial for your sacral chakra. In addition, the sound of the ocean is very soothing for the sacral chakra.

(Not joking!) Moving your body and dancing out of joy is one of the best ways to heal your sacral chakra. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try Zumba or belly dancing!

Unleash Your Creativity
Everyone has a creative side, whether affiliated with one’s profession or not. Take out the time to embrace it – write, sing, dance, paint, cook, bake, build something, decorate your home – do whatever allows you to use your creativity.

Use the Following Affirmations
“I love life”
“I am beautiful”
“I am in tune with my inner child”
“I create wonderful things for myself and others”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy sacral chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Amber, Carnelian, and Tiger’s Eye.