When You Don't Get What You Want


I have a sweet tooth. I have always had a sweet tooth. And while I am very health conscious and don’t have sugar on a daily basis, there are times when I really need a cookie or cupcake and I make sure that I get the best I can find.

I was at a conference this past week. Being vegan, conferences are always entertaining (in a sad way). You barely get any food (salad and rice, anyone?) and dessert is almost always out of the question.

Throughout the day, people were grabbing cookies and small pastries and there was absolutely nothing for the vegans (aside from some dried out fruit). I really wanted a baked good and by the end of the day had a major craving. I decided that after the conference, I would stop by a shop that has these delicious vegan breakfast cookies. After the conference, I speed walked in excitement to the store. Much to my disappointment, they did not have the cookie I was looking for and the others were chocolate based, which I have never been much of a fan of.

I thought that perhaps the universe was sending me a “not today” sign. So I headed toward an evening appointment I had. On the way, there was a vegan bakery that usually only sells cupcakes and loaves. However, I noticed that they had put out a bunch of flower shaped, raspberry jam cookies. It wasn’t what I was craving, but I bought one just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I took a bite and was in utter delight – this was quite possibly the best vegan cookie I ever had! It was definitely better than the one I was searching for earlier.

I chuckled to myself and thought – how often do we so badly want something when in fact, the universe knows that there is something better for us? And we get upset and disappointed and loose our faith because unlike my cookie story, for the bigger things in life, “the better version” doesn’t arrive as quickly as we would like it to and it isn’t until it arrives that we realize the blessing.

I heard the saying once that “what is rightfully yours can never be withheld from you.” My cookie experience reminded me that when I don’t get what I want, instead of sulking, I should say “thank you”. 🙂