To the Energy Healing Skeptics


“Energy healing?” It’s clear in the questioner’s eyes that they have already reached a judgment. In their heads, energy healing is “woo woo”, “new-age hogwash”, a figment of one’s imagination, a service meant only for the faith/religious based, and a waste of time and money. I am often left feeling like Alice in Wonderland, when the Queen of Hearts screams at her trial “Sentence first – verdict afterwards!”

Despite having been on Alice’s end in these situations, I have also been guilty of being in the Queen’s shoes with respect to alternative medicine. The first time was when I walked into an energy healer’s office with a knee injury, thinking that a session without any physical contact couldn’t possibly make my knee better. I tried it and sure enough, 70% of my knee pain went away the next day. Lesson learned!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is best to be open-minded and not judge something before you try it out. I always say that you never know where your cure may come from.

A Note on the So-Called “Placebo Effect” of Energy Healing
Many skeptics credit any benefits derived from energy healing to the placebo effect – that is, the subject of the treatment believes in the ability of that treatment to make them better and as a result of that belief, becomes better. Therefore, according to the critics, it is the person’s belief in the efficacy of the treatment that should be credited rather than the treatment itself.

It is true that energy healing has not been the subject of rigorous scientific study. Many studies that have been conducted are based on subject reports rather than pinpointing a specific cause and effect relationship between the energy healing treatment and change in the subject.

Nonetheless, it is unwarranted to undermine phenomena that are currently incapable of being objectively measured. If I had not gone into that energy healer’s office with my knee injury, I would still be suffering with debilitating knee pain. I also cannot credit the success of the treatment to my beliefs at that time because if that were the case, the treatment wouldn’t have worked.

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Challenging Your Notion of “Worthy” Treatments
I strongly believe that part of healing involves being open-minded and willing to challenge your traditional notions of what is worthy of being pursued as a treatment.

Maintain your judgment in ensuring that what you are doing is safe, just as Alice did when she  came across a glass bottle that said, “Drink Me”. She first checked to make sure that it wasn’t marked “poison” and after feeling assured of its safety, she drank from it. The result – she was able to get through the small door and begin her adventures in Wonderland.

Throughout her journey, Alice maintained her sense of curiosity and found that logic was counter-productive in her search for the white rabbit. Nevertheless, while Wonderland wasn’t the place for logic, it was still worthy of exploration, for Alice learned much about herself while being there.

Energy healing can be regarded the same way. While it may not be capable of providing an objective and logical explanation, it still has much to offer if you keep an open mind.