Healing at Spa Resorts


I just got back from a stay at Ste. Anne’s Spa – a charming spa resort located in Grafton, Ontario. It was heaven! I have come back feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Here are some of the ways spa resorts can balance and restore your energy fields:

Experience A Change in Environment
Whether you work or stay at home, a little getaway from your day-to-day responsibilities and pace of schedule can assist in calming and relaxing you.

In addition, most spa resorts are isolated and surrounded by nature, which has its own nurturing effects on our body and mind.

Experience Rejuvenating Body Treatments
Whether you get a massage, reflexology, acupuncture or a skin exfoliation – these treatments work to clear the energy meridians in your body, which improves the flow of life force energy between all of your energy centers.

Nourish Yourself with Healthy Food
Most spa resorts are health conscious and provide nutritious meals in the right proportions. If you are staying in a place that provides life affirming foods and beverages, your energy fields will be positively affected.

Disconnect from Electronics
Most spas encourage you to stay away from phones and electronics for the time that you are resting there. So many of us are constantly checking our phones and computers to see our e-mails or check in on work-related matters. Staying away from this allows us to focus on the present moment and ourselves. It also encourages us to be creative in how we spend our spare time. For example, instead of watching tv or movies, you can hike through nature, swim or read a book.

Take Wellness Classes
Most spa resorts offer classes such as yoga and meditation to enhance your relaxation experience. These classes teach you to expand your conscious awareness in the present moment and improve the flow of energy in your energy centers.

So if you are looking for a mini getaway, consider visiting a spa resort. Even a day trip will do wonders for your energy fields!