Healing with Herbal Teas


I’m going to be frank – once upon a time, I hated herbal teas. I had read about all the amazing health benefits associated with them and really wanted to like them but just couldn’t bring myself to incorporate them into my daily regimen due to their bland taste. They tasted like diluted flavoured water and I was an avid coffee drinker so in comparison, herbal teas seemed really boring.

One day, I stumbled across some herbal teas at a vegan restaurant that sounded too good to ignore so I ordered them. I didn’t regret my decision – they were yummy! I began to do more research and found some others that tasted just as good.

Herbs have properties, which affect your body and chakras. So it is worthwhile considering which herbal teas might be able to assist with restoring your chakras to a state of balance.

Here is a list of my favourite herbal teas and the chakras they work with:

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
If there is any tea that you should incorporate into your daily regimen as a health tonic, this is it. This sweet tea is composed of gynostemma, astalagus, goji berries, schizandra, and Luo Han Guo (fruit). These ingredients are anti-stress, anti-aging and a great source of antioxidants. The tea is energizing yet calming.

In terms of chakas, this tea works predominantly on the heart and root chakras, making it an excellent choice for preventative and restorative health care.

Rishi Ginger Lime Rooibos Tea
This tea is composed of rooibos, ginger, lemon and licorice. It’s a great antixoidant and digestive tea that assists the solar plexus chakra.

Sahara Tea 100 Mysteries
This is a sweet herbal tea consisting of roobios, coconut, herbs, fruit and almonds. It is considered to be a wellness tea for those who are prone to anxiety. I find that it corresponds to the third eye and sacral chakras. It goes great with dessert!

Sahara Tea Beautiful Foolishness
This is a wonderful tasting white tea that is blended with pomegranate, coconut, exotic fruit and spices. Since it is a white tea, it is great for detoxing and for your skin. White teas work predominantly on the crown chakra, which may explain the “healthy glow” that you get from drinking them.

If you feel like you’d enjoy some of the teas above, check them out! Please also feel free to share any herbal teas that you like by leaving a comment below.

Happy herbal tea drinking!