Make Your Lower Chakras Nuts About Coconuts


Did you know that fruits can be used as a form of chakra therapy? Every fruit has its own vibration that matches the vibration of one or more of your chakras. Therefore, if you are experiencing an imbalance in one of your chakras, incorporating a fruit that matches the healthy vibration of that chakra can assist in restoring it to a state of balance.

One of my favourite fruits is coconut – it’s sweet, nutritious and comes in many different forms.

The energy of coconuts primarily corresponds to the lower chakras – i.e. the sacral and root chakras. So if you are feeling ungrounded, emotionally imbalanced, creatively unfulfilled or experiencing a lack of pleasure in your life, chances are that your lower chakras are imbalanced and incorporating more coconut into your diet can help restore their strength.

This doesn’t mean that you should have coconuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you do choose to incorporate them into your diet, ensure that you do so in a balanced manner. Also keep in mind that they are high in sugar so consume an amount that is appropriate for your health or any condition you might have. You can also receive chakra therapy by using them cosmetically.

Here are some healthy ways of incorporating coconut into your life aside from consuming the fruit:

Drink Coconut Water
This is a great summer drink that keeps you hydrated. It is packed with electrolytes and minerals (especially potassium). As a result, it makes a perfect post-workout beverage instead of other sports drinks that are loaded with refined sugar. Make sure that the brand of coconut water you use has no added sugar. It tastes best chilled.

Use Coconut Milk
This can be used to make curries, sauces and soups. If you’re vegan, it can be used to cream your coffee or to make vegan ice-cream.

Use Coconut Oil
This oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial. It is loaded with minerals and essential fatty acids. The best kind of coconut oil to use is virgin coconut oil, as its nutritional benefits are maximized in this form.

Unlike canola oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil, coconut oil is safe to cook with on high heat.

Cosmetically, coconut oil is very moisturizing and can be used for dry skin or cracked heels. It also has properties that can assist in fading marks/scars on your skin and keeping cellulite at bay. In addition, coconut oil can assist in moisturizing your hair and giving it a natural shine.

If you are revamping your oral hygiene regimen with natural products, coconut oil is a natural teeth whitener when used as a mouthwash or brushed directly on your teeth. Many have reported additional oral health benefits from using it, including a reduction in oral thrush and teeth plaque.

Use Coconut Butter
Yummy! Coconut butter is a healthy sweet treat. It is different from coconut oil, as it is made from the flesh of the coconut and is accordingly not 100% fat. It contains fiber and minerals and can be used for your daily smoothies, as a spread on your toast, or for baking and vegan desserts.

So if you feel that your lower chakras are imbalanced, consider incorporating more coconut in your daily life in the above-mentioned ways!