Tips for Your Path to Recovery


Whether you have a mental, emotional or physical imbalance, the following tips can expedite your recovery:

Don’t Stuff Your Feelings Down With Unhealthy Food & Substances
Stuffing your emotions down with unhealthy food and substances will create a foundation for addictions, mental distress and physical imbalance. Find a way to address your emotions rather than coping with them through “pleasure eating”.

Nourish Yourself with Natural Food
The more natural and closer to Mother Earth our food is, the more nourishing and healthy for our body. The more refined and processed, the worse. Ensure that 80% of your diet consists of life-affirming food and beverages.

Treat Your Body With Respect
Your body is your temple. Without it, you cannot accomplish what you are meant to in this lifetime. You have something very special to offer to this world and without your health, you will not be able to unleash and achieve your full potential. Remember to treat your body with respect on a daily basis. This is a preventative measure that will ensure your long-term well-being.

Don’t Feel Ashamed of Self-Care
We live in a society where being on the go is valued and self-care is considered to be a luxury. Don’t feel stressed or ashamed of having to take care of yourself. To do so is a sign of a healthy self-esteem. Listen to yourself, your needs and your body. You are important.

Keep a Positive Attitude & Have Gratitude
Count the blessings in the worst experiences of your life and focus on the silver lining. See every hardship as an opportunity to learn and grow. You will emerge from your experiences wiser and stronger.

Seek a Holistic Treatment
Seek a cure instead of a band-aid solution. This means addressing the root cause of your symptoms. To do so, enlist the aid of anyone you think can help – the doctor, the naturopath, the nutritionist, the energy healer, the counselor, etc. You never know where your cure may come from.