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Is Your Root Chakra on Overdrive? Stay in the Now and Care for Yourself!

I’ve fallen sick and I’m not surprised because my root chakra was in complete disarray these past couple of weeks.

The problem was that I was trying to do too many things at once, which left my energy scattered and ungrounded. I was waking up early, going to work, coming back home, exercising, cooking my vegan meals and doing distance healing sessions. Add in some social commitments and teaching energy healing classes over the weekend  – I was left with no time to myself.

One night I found myself rushing to the kitchen to cook my meals for the next day. As I was whipping up a smoothie bowl, I suddenly felt an energy shift in my back and shoulders. I stopped the blender and contemplated what the energy was. It was tight, scattered and tense – stress.

I literally laughed at myself – I was getting stressed over making a smoothie bowl. I mean, come on. It’s hilarious how a busy schedule makes even the smallest of things seem like daunting, stressful tasks.

I also realized that I was approaching the simple task of making my meals as yet another item to mark off my checklist instead of really stopping and connecting with what I was doing.

A healthy root chakra is all about being in the present moment and grounding yourself.

I realized that instead of approaching the task of cooking with a “this has to get done” mentality, I simply had to shift my thought process over to something else. For me, it was recognizing that I was taking out the time to prepare healthy meals that would nourish my body. Suddenly, a disconnected, annoying task shifted into an act of self-love. That made my root, solar plexus and heart chakras very happy!

Always approach taking care of your body as an act of self-love instead of being frustrated or annoyed with it. That can easily happen because lets face it – you do have to take extra time out of your schedule to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always that convenient. Plus, our bodies can do very random and odd things that we don’t understand. It’s easy to get annoyed or frustrated instead of treating them with gentle, loving care.

Of course, the moment I got the sniffles I realized that I was carrying all that stress in my system for the past couple of weeks. Out came my energy healing tools and I am well on my way to a complete recovery. It’s amazing what energy healing and a healthy diet can do for you.

So if you find yourself on root-chakra overdrive, try to stay in the now and shift your perception of your self-care tasks. Taking care of your body is so important! Your root chakra will love you for it! 🙂

Crown Eye Chakra - Your Faith Center
Crown Chakra.jpg

The crown chaka is located above your head and is the colour violet. This is the energy center that is associated with universal connection, spiritual consciousness and our life purpose.

When our crown chakra is balanced, we are free from anxiety and have a strong sense of faith. We are able to cherish every moment of our lives and surrender all fear.

On a mental and physical level, an imbalanced crown chakra manifests as anxiety, depression, mental illness, headaches, MS and cognitive disorders.

Experiences that lead to a crown chakra imbalance:
– you went through a traumatic or difficult experience and stopped believing in a benevolent force in the universe
– you have felt like an angry victim of the universe
– you lost all sense of faith that things could or would change for the better

Tips to Balance Your Crown Chakra

This is one of the best ways to open your crown chakra. It calms down our mental chatter and raises our conscious awareness to develop a deeper understanding of life.

Meditation has also proven to be effective at combating anxiety, depression and nervous system disorders.

Handle Challenges with Grace
Instead of becoming fearful of the universe or angry at it for a difficult situation in your life, handle your challenges gracefully by finding the silver lining.

Use the Following Affirmations
“I am connected to a formidable force that will support me and help me through my challenges”
“I am divine”
“I am aligned with my higher purpose”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy crown chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Celestite, and Angelite.

Third Eye Chakra - Your Insight Center
Third Eye Chakra Reboot.jpg

The third eye chakra sits between your eyebrows and is the colour indigo. This is the energy center that is associated with deep insight, perspective, wisdom and creative visualization.

When our third eye chakra is balanced, we are able to approach life circumstances with deep understanding and creativity. We are also able to have an accurate intuitive sense and foresight.

On a physical level, an imbalanced third eye chakra manifests as eye issues, headaches, and neurological disturbances. Emotionally, an imbalance may appear as anxiety. On a behavioural level, one may have difficulties focusing or concentrating. On a mental level, one may either be delusional or lack in imagination. An imbalance in the third eye can also cause one to be overly analytical or take things too literally.

 Experiences that lead to a third chakra imbalance:
• Being programmed by institutions, organizations, or parents in a manner that forces you to ignore your intuitive sense
• Not spending enough time using the right, creative side of your brain
• Going through difficult times resulting in an expectation of the worst for the future

Tips to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra
This is one of the best ways to expand your third eye chakra. Try mindfulness-based meditation to keep you in the present moment or transcendental meditation to release anxiety from your mind, body and spirit.

People often think of daydreaming as a waste of time but everything that exists now was once imagined. Spend time imagining a positive future or daydreaming about your wishes.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams
Your subconscious mind speaks to you through imagery in your dreams. If you spend time recording and analyzing them, it is likely that you will uncover important insights about yourself and your life.

Embrace Your Creativity
Remember that no matter what you are going through in your life, you have the power to change it. Stay optimistic and use your creativity to take you to a better place. Remember that life is a journey that can’t be rushed and even baby steps are significant.

Use the Following Affirmations
“I can find a solution to every problem in my life”
“I am open-minded”
“I trust and follow my inner guidance”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy third eye chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Charoite.