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Healing With Sound & Music

Do you love listening to music? Did you know that sound and music can have a healing effect on your chakras?

The basic premise of sound healing is that you can use musical notes to restore your chakras to their healthy frequencies. In doing so, you can accelerate recovering from a mental, emotional or physical issue associated with an imbalance in a particular chakra.

Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency, which can be translated into a musical note.

Here is a list of the major chakras and their corresponding musical notes:
Root Chakra – “C”
Sacral Chakra – “D”
Solar Plexus Chakra – “E”
Heart Chakra – “F”
Throat Chakra – “G”
Third Eye Chakra – “A”
Crown Chakra – “B”

Listening to the notes can “tune up” the corresponding chakras that need healing. This in turn can have a positive effect on mental, emotional or physical issues associated with that chakra.

Here are some of the ways in which you can heal your chakras with sound:

  • The sound of drums is healing for the root chakra
  • The sound of the ocean is healing for the sacral chakra
  • Listening to Tibetan singing bowls that correspond to each chakra is a wonderful and inexpensive form of chakra therapy. I recommend Ben Scott and Christa Michell’s “Tibetan Chakra Meditations”.
  • Listen to music you love while exercising – compare how you feel when you exercise without music – I promise you’ll notice a difference.
  • Dancing to music is a great way to get your emotions out of your body. It also is very therapeutic for your sacral and throat chakras as it allows for creative expression.
  • Singing is a wonderful way to tune up your chakras, especially your throat chakra (even if this means singing alone in your car or shower :))
  • Sounds that correspond to specific brain wave frequencies can be very therapeutic:

·       o Listen to Alpha waves (7.5-12 Hz) for deep relaxation, which is beneficial for your whole body

·       o Listen to Theta waves (4-7.5 Hz) for deep meditation and light sleep, which is very supportive for third eye and crown chakra healing

 Have you had a healing experience with sound and music? Please share below! 🙂