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Healing with Crystal Jewelry

In one of  my previous posts, “Healing with Crystals”, I explained how crystals have an effect on our energy fields that can support our well-being. While you can use tumblestones for energy therapy, it’s often easier to wear crystal jewelry.

Since the veins in our wrists are located close to the surface, it’s great to wear crystal bracelets. The crystals placed on our wrists will energetically charge the blood there, which will be delivered to our entire body within 60 seconds. In addition, if you are purchasing crystal jewelry for a specific purpose or if the piece represents something to you, you will see it more often if it is on your wrist instead of elsewhere, such as on your neck. Regularly seeing the piece brings its meaning or symbolism into your conscious awareness. Remember that positive energy + positive intention = positive change.

Here are my favourite jewelry companies that make great healing crystal jewelry:

Energy Muse
Their jewelry pieces are beautifully designed and themed in accordance with the energetic properties of the crystals used. If you are new to crystals and wouldn’t know which one to use for a particular situation in your life, you can shop by theme or intention on their website.

Each bracelet comes with a scroll containing information about the crystals used and an affirmation you can say to bring the energy of the crystals into your conscious awareness.

The crystals are high quality and you can choose what size of bracelet or necklace you want. You can also place a custom order for a custom size.

Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Beckham are just a few of the celebrities that have been seen wearing their pieces. In addition, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jason Mraz have collaborated with Energy Muse to create their own charitable pieces.

Satya Jewelry
I love Satya for their contemporary and classy style. You can shop by gemstone, symbol, or design your own piece. The symbolism of each piece is explained on their website.

A portion of their profit goes to Satya Foundation, which supports a variety of children’s groups throughout the world.

Their jewelry comes packaged in beautiful boxes and organza bags so it’s always fun gifting their pieces to others.

Alex and Ani
If you love charm bracelets, Alex and Ani is for you! They have crystal bracelets, which you can combine with others that have charms that represent something specific. The great thing is that you choose what bracelets to combine so the piece becomes your own personal creation and you can keep on adding to it or changing it around. They also create pieces in support of charity.

Tips to Maximize the Energetic Effects of Your Crystal Jewelry
(1)  If you are trying to manifest something new in your life or need strong energetic support, it is better to wear the piece regularly for a period of two to three weeks.

(2)  If you are conscious about pieces matching your outfits or don’t like to wear much jewelry during the day, try wearing crystal bracelets at night while you sleep. I like to do this as psychological research suggests that your subconscious mind drives your reality. Therefore, if you focus on your piece before sleeping and your intention (e.g. good health, luck, etc.) then you can program your subconscious mind overnight to manifest what it is that you want for yourself.

(3)  Always cleanse your crystals regularly. The easiest way to do this is to pass them through the smoke of burning sage.

If you want to know more about crystals and how they work, check my blog post Healing With Crystals.

I hope you will experience the positive energetic changes crystal jewelry can bring for you! 🙂