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Healing in January

January tends to be a difficult month for many of us – as the holiday spirit comes to an end, we’re forced to confront our bills, diet, and return to some parts of our lives that may not be completely satisfying or where we would like them to be.

The chakra that tends to be the most distorted in January is the sacral chakra – this is the energy center associated with our emotions and food choices. It’s very feminine in nature but every chakra has a yin/yang balance that is necessary for it to function effectively and the sacral chakra tends to become too yin due to over-indulging during the holidays.

Here are some ways to heal this chakra and your overall energy system in January:

  1. Detox – cut out or drastically reduce refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and any other irritants to your system. Step up on your organic veggies, fruits and water intake. Try consuming natural detox beverages like lemon water and cayenne or ginger tea and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Exercise – get moving. If you weren’t active during the holidays, there can be an excess of yin in your system that makes you feel more sluggish and slowed down. Exercising can assist in bringing forth more yang to balance your body and energy fields.
  1. Meditate – this will assist you in better handling any stress or anxieties that might come up as you contemplate moving forward in the new year.
  1. Create a visualization board or list of goals – include things that you would like to accomplish or that keep you motivated. It could include trips you want to take or things you’d like to manifest for yourself. I personally like creating a visualization board or book because you can include pictures – visual representations are known to more readily influence the subconscious mind and engage the law of attraction.
  1. Get energy healing – especially if you are having a hard time breaking through holiday habits or are anxious about the New Year and need some clarity on moving forward.
  1. Spend time relaxing – the holidays can be hectic and you may need some “me time” to do things like reading or going to a spa for a relaxing massage. Feed your spirit.
  1. Be patient with yourself – whatever your goals are coming out of the holidays, be patient with yourself. Remember it’s about progress, not perfection.
Diaries of a Juice Cleanser

This past week, I set out to accomplish a daunting task – I was to have nothing but raw, organic juice for 3 days.

I chose to do this because I was feeling sluggish after countless occasions of eating out, celebrations with cake and way too much coffee throughout the week during work.

So I took a day off and ordered a juice cleanse for myself. It couldn’t be that bad – right?

Well, the first day was pretty bad – I found myself feeling light-headed, dizzy, tired and weak. I wondered how I would survive the whole day, let alone three full days. I somehow got through it and slept for 12 hours (which is very atypical for me, even on a weekend).

The next day, I found myself craving carbs – all I wanted was bread, pasta and chips. The funny thing is, I wasn’t hungry – the fiber from the juices kept me full and when I got hungry, it was time to juice again. Despite this, I craved carbs. I nearly cried when I smelled fresh toast being prepared in the kitchen by my father. (It’s okay- you can laugh).

I knew that from an energy medicine perspective, craving carbs means you have a sacral chakra imbalance and indulge in carbohydrate-rich food to feel comforted. So I decided that the best thing to do was to fight that feeling and figure out how to comfort myself without carbohydrates. I decided to do one of my favourite things during this time of year – I decorated my house for Christmas and in the process, somehow forgot that I wanted a gigantic baguette. That “I need bread now” feeling didn’t come back for the rest of the day.

The third day was the easiest – I kind of forgot I was juice cleansing. I had no withdrawal symptoms and enjoyed the taste of the juices. I missed chewing but I didn’t feel deprived. I moved into a mode of gratitude – I almost felt my cells thanking me for allowing them the time to rejuvenate.

In the following days, I eased back into my regular, healthy diet. My skin began to glow, I didn’t need coffee in the morning and the one day I did go for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, it felt artificial and tasted weird to me. Everything sweet tasted too sweet. And I really wanted greens instead of bread.

It is scientifically establsihed that it is your gut flora that drives your cravings. One of the purposes of a juice cleanse is to readjust your gut flora to a healthier state. Your cravings will tell you whether there has been a change and based on what I was craving, I believe there was a change in mine for the better.

Juicing from an Energy Medicine Perspective

Every organic fruit and vegetable has a high energetic frequency that corresponds to a particular chakra. For instance, beets correspond to the root chakra and assist with helping you feel energized and secure. Greens such as kale and spinach correspond with your heart chakra and assist with reducing inflammation and healing sadness. Lemons and ginger correspond to your solar plexus chakra and assist with increasing your self-esteem and reducing feelings of being victimized by life.

So you can imagine, with the amount of fruits and vegetables that your body gets on a juice cleanse, you are receiving a really strong dose of chakra therapy.

So I am not surprised that after the juice cleanse, I didn’t just notice a physical difference – I also felt more emotionally and mentally balanced. A lot of my anxiety disappeared. I was much more productive at work and I felt happier.

I also incorporated Zenith Omega™ into my juice cleanse. That energy healing system has specific clearings in the higher volumes that assist with an energetic detox of your major organs and elimination systems. I incorporated them into the second night of my cleanse and I don’t think it’s entirely by coincidence that the next day, my cleanse became really easy for me.

So if you think that you need a major chakra overhaul, along with energy medicine, you might want to consider a juice cleanse. I will say that it’s not meant for everyone and it’s best to discuss with a naturopath or nutritionist if it would be right for you. I personally liked it and plan on doing it more regularly to keep my energy fields clear, strong and vibrant. After all, if you are what you attract, don’t you want to be radiating the strongest frequencies that can super-charge your manifestation process and bring the best to you?

That’s why I tell my clients that you cannot neglect your diet and expect energy medicine to magically bring in wonderful results – especially if you have a physical health problem. You have to do your part to keep your body clean and healthy. I promise you, it’s worth it. 🙂

Tips for a Comfortable Detox

I simultaneously love and dread detoxing. I know that the end result is amazing (e.g. better digestion, clear skin, more energy) but the process of getting there is hard work.

Here are my tips for enabling a comfortable detoxing experience:

Drink A LOT of Water
Your system needs to eliminate all the junk it’s carrying and drinking water will assist with this. If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll find yourself feeling fatigued, weak and cloudy minded.

Incorporate Herbal Teas
You can get bored of drinking only water and vegetable juices during a detox. Herbal teas add some variety to your beverage intake and contain healing properties (check out my previous post “Healing with Herbal Teas” for some of my favourites).

Exercising will assist your body with its elimination functions and provide you with physical strength during your detox.

Be Patient
You will likely feel worse before you get better. Be patient. In my experience it takes more than a week before you notice a difference that actually feels good. Don’t abandon a detox just because you don’t see any positive results immediately.

Assist Your Skin In Detoxing
There’s no point in getting rid of chemicals in your body if you’re going to be slathering more of them on to your skin! Use natural skin products. Here’s a link to my post on some of my favourites.

I also recommend taking sea salt baths with essential oils. The sea salt assists in drawing out impurities from your skin.

You can also use a dry skin brush prior to bathing. This stimulates your skin’s circulation, which assists in getting rid of surface toxins. Focus on lymph node areas, using gentle, circular motions.

Pay Attention To Your Emotions
When you detox, things that normally bug you can magnify times ten. This is one of the reasons I hate and love detoxing – it forces us to confront those emotions that we usually stuff down with comforting, unhealthy foods. If you address the underlying emotions that are causing you to reach for unhealthy foods and substances, you will be able to commit to reducing or eliminating their intake entirely.

Get Energy Healing
Energy healing can assist with clearing out negative emotions that arise during your detox and can provide energetic support to your body’s elimination systems. I have tried detoxing with and without energy healing and noticed a huge difference. With energy healing, I had less physical discomfort, greater mental clarity and better emotional balance. I am pleased to report that my clients have noticed the same benefits.

By practicing the tips mentioned above, your detox can be a comfortable, healing experience. 🙂