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Healing in January

January tends to be a difficult month for many of us – as the holiday spirit comes to an end, we’re forced to confront our bills, diet, and return to some parts of our lives that may not be completely satisfying or where we would like them to be.

The chakra that tends to be the most distorted in January is the sacral chakra – this is the energy center associated with our emotions and food choices. It’s very feminine in nature but every chakra has a yin/yang balance that is necessary for it to function effectively and the sacral chakra tends to become too yin due to over-indulging during the holidays.

Here are some ways to heal this chakra and your overall energy system in January:

  1. Detox – cut out or drastically reduce refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and any other irritants to your system. Step up on your organic veggies, fruits and water intake. Try consuming natural detox beverages like lemon water and cayenne or ginger tea and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Exercise – get moving. If you weren’t active during the holidays, there can be an excess of yin in your system that makes you feel more sluggish and slowed down. Exercising can assist in bringing forth more yang to balance your body and energy fields.
  1. Meditate – this will assist you in better handling any stress or anxieties that might come up as you contemplate moving forward in the new year.
  1. Create a visualization board or list of goals – include things that you would like to accomplish or that keep you motivated. It could include trips you want to take or things you’d like to manifest for yourself. I personally like creating a visualization board or book because you can include pictures – visual representations are known to more readily influence the subconscious mind and engage the law of attraction.
  1. Get energy healing – especially if you are having a hard time breaking through holiday habits or are anxious about the New Year and need some clarity on moving forward.
  1. Spend time relaxing – the holidays can be hectic and you may need some “me time” to do things like reading or going to a spa for a relaxing massage. Feed your spirit.
  1. Be patient with yourself – whatever your goals are coming out of the holidays, be patient with yourself. Remember it’s about progress, not perfection.
How to Make Your Skin Glow

Have you noticed people who just seem to glow? What you’re picking up on is the first level of their energy field, the etheric field, which is a reflection of their overall physical health and balance. It radiates through their skin and makes them glow.

Your skin can be affected by an imbalance in one or several of your chakras. These imbalances affect the layers of your energy fields, which can diminish your glow.

Achieving a healthy glow often has nothing to do with investing in expensive cosmetic products and treatments. These often manage symptoms of bad skin but don’t treat the underlying cause. In addition, they tend to be loaded with toxic ingredients that end up impacting your overall health.

Here are my tips for healthy skin:

Eat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables allow your chakras to open up. This in turn, allows for more life force energy to flow through them and maintain a healthy state. Incorporate a variety of colours of fruits/veggies into your diet if you wish to maximize their effects on all your chakras and associated energy fields.

Avoid Dehydrating Foods/Beverages
Sugar, caffeine and alcohol close your chakras and dry out your skin. They also set your root chakra on over-drive, creating an immediate imbalance in your energy centers. Replace unhealthy beverages with herbal teas and healthy drinks like fresh vegetable juices and fruit smoothies.

Engaging in exercise that gets your heartbeat up and running assists with your skin’s circulation, which enables the elimination of surface toxins.

Dry Skin Brush
Dry skin brush before getting into the shower or a warm sea salt bath. This practice improves your skin’s circulation and exfoliates the first layer of your skin, enabling the elimination of surface toxins.

Address Unhealthy Food Addictions
Whether it’s fries, ice-cream, or cupcakes – a lot of us are addicted to foods/beverages that are bad for our skin and overall health. If you’re eating these foods regularly, ask yourself why you feel the need for them. Tackle the thoughts and emotions behind your eating choices.

Drink A Lot of Water
Conventional medicine is beginning to recognize the connection between our gut and healthy skin. Try to have lemon water with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper every morning to kick-start your digestive system’s elimination functions. Flushing out your system regularly prevents toxins from accumulating in your body and taking a toll on your skin.

Use Natural Cosmetic Products
A lot of people notice that their skin gets less puffy and irritated after they switch over to natural products. Remember that what goes onto your skin goes into your body and affects your overall physical health. Choose natural products!

Get Energy Healing
Energy healing clears out your energy fields and any thoughts/emotions that might be causing you to engage in behaviours that are resulting in bad skin. A chakra balancing session is particularly useful for this.

Happy Glowing! 🙂

Being Aware of the Energy of Your Diet

What do Ellen DeGeneres, Jared Leto, Alicia Silverstone, and Ariana Grande have in common? They have all embraced a vegan diet. They also have something else in common – their skin glows and they look younger than their actual age.

While many people may not choose to become vegan, more and more people are choosing to incorporate plant based foods into their diet.

One of the benefits associated with a vegan diet is an increase in the amount of vegetable consumption. We all know that veggies are good – they are packed with nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that sustain our health. The more you eat, the better and it will definitely show on your skin if the rest of your diet involves keeping junk food to a minimum.

The Benefits of Raw Vegetables
Heating veggies above 48 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit destroys more than 85% of its naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes. 1

Try this experiment – see how you feel after a cooked meal versus a raw vegan meal. Chances are that you’ll feel lethargic after eating the cooked and energized after the raw vegan. The reason for this is the high amount of enzymes that are present in raw vegan food, which assists your digestion so you don’t want to nap or grab a cup of coffee after eating.

The high amount of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in raw vegetables translates into a life force energy that can assist in restoring your mental, emotional and physical health.

Adjusting the Energy of Your Diet
Diet is a personal choice and nobody should be judged for what they eat. In this regard, there is no such thing as a “right” diet. Consume what you think is good for you but take the extra steps to make sure that you adjust your diet, whatever it may be, to make it as healthy as possible.

For instance, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, make sure that you incorporate more raw veggies into your diet so you can get the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that cooked foods won’t provide. In addition, if you’re a meat eater, be conscious of where you are getting your meat from. Most meat/dairy from the shelves of grocery stores and fast food places are products of factory farms, which may not adopt cruelty-free practices and are likely to load their products with hormones and chemicals that aren’t good for you. 2 Check out ethical farms located near you or grocery stores that have strict animal welfare standards, such as Whole Foods. From an energy medicine perspective, eating cruelty-free assists in avoiding taking in the energy of pain, anxiety and fear that an animal might have experienced through unethical treatment and slaughter.

Being aware of the energy of your diet can keep you healthy and make you feel fabulous, both inside and out!

Note: The information in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for medical or dietary care. Please consult with an appropriate professional regarding any condition you might have. 


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