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Tips for a Comfortable Detox

I simultaneously love and dread detoxing. I know that the end result is amazing (e.g. better digestion, clear skin, more energy) but the process of getting there is hard work.

Here are my tips for enabling a comfortable detoxing experience:

Drink A LOT of Water
Your system needs to eliminate all the junk it’s carrying and drinking water will assist with this. If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll find yourself feeling fatigued, weak and cloudy minded.

Incorporate Herbal Teas
You can get bored of drinking only water and vegetable juices during a detox. Herbal teas add some variety to your beverage intake and contain healing properties (check out my previous post “Healing with Herbal Teas” for some of my favourites).

Exercising will assist your body with its elimination functions and provide you with physical strength during your detox.

Be Patient
You will likely feel worse before you get better. Be patient. In my experience it takes more than a week before you notice a difference that actually feels good. Don’t abandon a detox just because you don’t see any positive results immediately.

Assist Your Skin In Detoxing
There’s no point in getting rid of chemicals in your body if you’re going to be slathering more of them on to your skin! Use natural skin products. Here’s a link to my post on some of my favourites.

I also recommend taking sea salt baths with essential oils. The sea salt assists in drawing out impurities from your skin.

You can also use a dry skin brush prior to bathing. This stimulates your skin’s circulation, which assists in getting rid of surface toxins. Focus on lymph node areas, using gentle, circular motions.

Pay Attention To Your Emotions
When you detox, things that normally bug you can magnify times ten. This is one of the reasons I hate and love detoxing – it forces us to confront those emotions that we usually stuff down with comforting, unhealthy foods. If you address the underlying emotions that are causing you to reach for unhealthy foods and substances, you will be able to commit to reducing or eliminating their intake entirely.

Get Energy Healing
Energy healing can assist with clearing out negative emotions that arise during your detox and can provide energetic support to your body’s elimination systems. I have tried detoxing with and without energy healing and noticed a huge difference. With energy healing, I had less physical discomfort, greater mental clarity and better emotional balance. I am pleased to report that my clients have noticed the same benefits.

By practicing the tips mentioned above, your detox can be a comfortable, healing experience. 🙂