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Riding the Waves of Transition

Life often presents us with opportunities to elevate ourselves and choose something that would be in our higher good. If we choose to align with our higher selves and energy, we end up experiencing dramatic shifts that lead to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Keeping a "high vibe" state isn't easy for many of us. All of the negative feelings associated with our ego can get the best of us - whether it's fear, a lack of faith or addictions to living in a way that isn't serving us well. 

It's even harder to embrace a higher way of being when you're in a period of transition - you know the old isn't working for you anymore yet the new has not yet arrived. However, because you attract what you are, it is important to assume the feeling of what you'd like to be by believing wholeheartedly that you can accomplish your desires. 

Here are some signs of recognizing that you're experiencing a shift in consciousness that can lead to change: 
- some relationships that may have once worked for you will begin to fall away
- you become disengaged with what normally held your attention
- you start to crave new experiences that are unlike what you would have done before
- you feel the need to shift your outer environment (such as your home or workplace) or your inner environment (such as your diet and physical body) 

The feeling of wanting to do these things may at first be subtle, but will gradually grow to the point of occupying your mind more and more. In my experience, embracing it earlier makes for a much smoother transition ride. 

The chakras that you can focus on to assist you with transition are: 

1) The Third-Eye Chakra - this energy center plays an important role in providing you with insight about what living authentically means for you

2) The Solar Plexus Chakra - this energy center helps you to take action to create change in your life

3) The Root Chakra - this energy center often needs extra attention during times of transition because it is affected by feelings of instability and insecurity. The best way to focus on nourishing this chakra is by keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. When balanced, you will feel comfortable in adapting to change.

You can work with an energy healer or you can listen to guided chakra meditations to keep these energy centers in a balanced state. By doing so, you can minimize any feelings of discomfort and create change at a manageable pace.

Enjoy riding the waves of transition!

10 Reasons Why - How to Deal with Disappointment

We've all had to deal with disappointment at some point in our lives - maybe we didn't get the job we wanted or a relationship that we hoped would have worked out fell apart. Occupying space in the gap between what we wanted that has not come to fruition and what will eventually manifest can be difficult. 

The way I like to deal with such experiences is to create a "10 Reasons Why" list. So, if I don't get something I really want for myself, I try to think of the blessings in the situation and jot them all down. I then keep this list close by me - I keep copies of it in my purse, at work, and at home and read it whenever I find myself going back into the feeling of disappointment and the thought of "why didn't this work out!"

In coming up with 10 reasons, I suggest focusing on the things that weren't optimal about the situation. For example, if it was a job that you wanted that didn't work out, there could have been some downsides to that particular position - maybe you would have had to move to a location you didn't want to be in, or maybe the compensation wasn't as a high you would have liked it to be or maybe you would have had to trade off other aspects of your life that were important to you. You basically want to create a list of all the negatives in the situation and then thank the universe for the blessing of not having to deal with them. Then you have to keep the faith that the right thing will come along in divine timing - which I know, is this super annoying force but it always operates at the best time and in your higher good. So it's annoyingly smart and you just have to trust that :). Also trust that if something is not happening for you now, it's because there's something else you are meant to be focusing on and learning from. Energy healing can be a powerful tool in helping you attain this insight and removing any energetic blockages that might be tampering with achieving your desires. 

By doing this exercise, you will be able to focus on gratitude as opposed to the feeling of lack or victimization and keep centered in your faith that the universe is your co-conspirator in creating the best possible outcome for yourself. And then when what you want finally comes around, just say "thanks universe for having my back!"

I hope you'll try this exercise! :)

The Art of Consideration

We live in a world that seems to demand that we be focused on ourselves, our aspirations, and our development. And while that is all good – when focusing on these things gets out of balance, it can result in us becoming self-absorbed and loosing our consideration.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by considerate people – my friends especially, are living embodiments of consideration. Take the one who showed up at my house with a birthday present in the midst of preparing for her wedding that was only a couple of days later or the one that got a healthy meal made for me when I was unwell during law school in the midst of her final exams.

These girls have been my inspiration.

The truth is that there is so much more to life than just yourself. And making the mental space for others and actively checking in and caring about others is how we should all exist as human beings. I believe the world functioned this way back in the older days, where a community based approach to living and watching out for your tribe was a natural way of being. Somehow, over time, society has become increasingly egocentric by placing people’s individual needs over the needs of others. This tendency may be allowing for an incredible amount of success, especially in one’s career life, but it’s poisoning relationships and making people forget that another person’s life is equally as important as their own – irrespective of race, class, gender, profession, or religious background.

I think that we each have so much to offer to others and that connecting with others, sharing ideas and helping is so important.

So it saddens me to see a culture where consideration is a somewhat rare trait. Where people don’t care about someone unless that someone is “of their own”. Where basic principles of being respectful and kind and reciprocating assistance is thrown out the window in favour of focusing on oneself. Where people expect for the world to bend for them but not the other way around.

Have we not failed as a society in inculcating good values if people are operating solely from their ego?

Consideration in Energy Healing
The energy center that speaks to how we relate to others is the sacral chakra. This energy center tends to have an over-active “yan” or masculine energy when one is self-focused or an over-active “yin” energy when one is overly focused on others. The key is for a healthy balance – one that allows you to progress forward personally but does not impact your consideration for others.

The heart chakra is the center of giving. An open heart gives and a closed one only receives.

A good energy healing session can restore balance to both these chakras.

To work on your consideration alongside energy healing, start off by checking in with other people, seeing how you can help, and taking out time everyday to do something for someone other than for yourself.

As Ellen Degeneres says, “be kind to one another” – always.