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The Throat Chakra - Your Expression Center
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The throat chakra sits in the center of your throat and is the colour blue. This is the energy center that is associated with communication, creativity and authentic self-expression.

There is a connection between the sacral chakra and the throat chakra. The sacral chakra is where ideas are created and the throat chakra is where they are expressed. People who are bursting with ideas but aren’t expressing or acting on them are very likely to have a throat chakra imbalance.

On a physical level, an imbalanced throat chakra manifests as disorders of the throat, mouth, jaw, teeth, gums or voice. It also manifests as issues with the thyroid and thymus.

An imbalanced throat chakra also manifests as over-talking, not paying attention to what others say, frequently interrupting others while they are speaking, and being shy or fearing rejection for speaking out.

Experiences that lead to a throat chakra imbalance:
You were often told to “shut up” or “be quiet” when you were a child
• You were told to hide your feelings when you were a child
• You were reprimanded for demonstrating your feelings as a child
• You experienced a sense of humiliation or rejection for voicing your opinion on something, leading you to fear expressing yourself in the future

Tips to Balance Your Throat Chakra

This is the easiest way to clear a blocked throat chakra. You don’t have to be Beyoncé – you can sing in your car or shower. You can even hum while you work!

Express Yourself Authentically
Write your feelings out in a journal or speak to someone that you can trust. If you are short for time and like the computer, type out your feelings in a word document and hit the delete button when you are done. Don’t self-edit and don’t judge yourself for what you say.

Act on Your Creative Ideas
Whatever is hitting your mind – maybe it’s a clothing design, a tune for a song or an idea for a business – act on it. Your throat chakra opens up during the process of expressing an idea into physical form.

Live Your Life with Integrity
If there’s something that you want to do that is important to you – do it. Living a life in integrity with what you know is right for you is essential to having a healthy throat chakra. This doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic changes – it may mean taking baby steps, like taking a class about something you love or maybe committing a day each week to do that thing that matters to you. The important thing is to do it in some way. Shutting it out will create a blocked throat chakra.

Use the Following Affirmations
“I speak my truth”
“I live my life in integrity with who I am and what I want to do”
“I trust my inner voice”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy throat chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Turquoise, Blue Quartz, and Aquamarine.