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Do Energy Healers Have Magic Powers?
Witches Piper and Prue from the TV series "Charmed"

Witches Piper and Prue from the TV series "Charmed"

We can be prone to labeling something as “magic” (or “hogwash” depending on who you are) whenever we encounter something that we cannot explain.

Think about the witches that were persecuted in history – they obviously did not possess magic powers as depicted in “Harry Potter” or “Charmed”. They had developed the very skilled art of working with the energy of herbs and stones to effect change in people’s emotions and bodies. However, since something so simple worked so well, people became fearful and regarded them as possessing magical powers that were bestowed upon them by an evil force. In reality, they were just energy workers and naturopaths!

Some people perceive energy healers as modern day witches that can point their fingers and work some “magic”. This perception is based on two erroneous notions:

  • The energy healer is the source of the energy being channeled to a person
  • The energy healer has exclusive control over the effect the energy will have on a person

Energy Healers Are Not The Source of Energy
Energy healers are more accurately channels or facilitators of energy. The source of energy is not coming from us. It is from a force that permeates through everything that exists – call it “the field”, “scalar energy”, “chi”, or “prana” – it’s the same thing. So we are not special. We’ve just spent more time than others in studying and developing the skill of channeling this energy and working with our own and other people’s energy systems.

Energy Healers Do Not Have Exclusive Control Over The Effect of Channeled Energy
“Will I be cured after this session?” Energy healers get this question a lot and the only answer we can provide is “maybe”. We have no idea what will happen during a session. Everyone is unique. You may walk in with a huge health problem and walk out symptom free. Or you may walk in with many problems and only see a couple of issues get better after many sessions. There are too many factors outside of an energy healer’s control for us to know how you will be affected by the energy (though we do know it will never impact you negatively and that you will always benefit from it in some way).

Influences Beyond an Energy Healer’s Control
All an energy healer can do is channel energy and intuitively pick up on blocks in your energy fields that may be related to certain emotions/thoughts/beliefs that are preventing you from healing. The extent to which you respond to the energy is beyond a healer’s control.

We all have unconscious blocks that can influence the extent to which we will be healed.  While the energy to support a full recovery may already exist, we may be preventing it from operating to its fullest extent through our own thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Therefore, how much we heal can be dependent on the extent to which we are truly ready to receive a healing.

Even if you are not ready to heal, the benefit of an energy healing session is that you will uncover those blocks that are preventing you from doing so and the energy you receive will assist in peeling the layers of a problem away. This will greatly accelerate your healing process.

The Magic in Energy Healing
The true magic in energy healing is the energy itself. It is a tremendous healing force that can be used by anyone to effect change in their lives. A healer is just better trained to work with it but at the end of the day, the magic also lies inside of you. If you embrace that and work with an energy healer, what unfolds during a session can very well be regarded as magic – without a witch cackling, green smoke and twinkling lights, that is! 😉