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Alternative vs. Traditional Medicine

What is alternative medicine and why is it gaining so much attention these days?

Why Traditional Medicine May Not Be the Perfect Solution
Many people are frustrated with the traditional approach to treating disease. They often receive “band-aid solutions”, which suppress symptoms while leaving the root cause of their problems unaddressed. For this reason, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine to get the results they want.

The Holistic Nature of Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine, including energy healing, acknowledges that there is a connection between mind, body and spirit and to focus on only one of these elements would provide an incomplete solution to a mental, emotional or physical problem.

This does not mean that traditional medicine is not beneficial or does not have its place – it absolutely does. For example, you may need a pharmaceutical drug or a medical procedure to address an immediate or important health need. However, in many cases, combining traditional medicine with alternative medicine may expedite or aid the healing process. For example, Doctor Oz uses Reiki practitioners to assist with the recovery of open-heart surgery patients. Those who receive post-surgery Reiki report less pain than those who do not.

Theoretically, a clear energy channel would allow for a better response to other treatments. For example, some people have found that after receiving energy healing, they have responded better to conventional drug therapy.

In other cases, alternative medicine may have a greater effect than traditional medicine. I have experienced this myself. Energy healing was more beneficial in helping me recover from a knee injury than receiving physiotherapy or seeing a chiropractor.

Energy healing has the added benefit of exposing emotional or mental patterns that are the root cause of physical disease. This knowledge empowers a person to shift their perspective or outlook, which can have a great impact on their mental, emotional and physical health. As a result, rather than playing a passive role in the healing process, such as being dependent on a drug to feel better, the person becomes empowered to actively take part in their own recovery.

The Best Approach is Integrative
An integrative approach, which combines traditional and alternative medicine, has the greatest potential to impact a person’s health with long-lasting benefits. This involves getting everyone on board to tackle a problem – the physician, the energy healer, the naturopath or nutritionist, the counselor, and the person seeking assistance.

The integrative approach honours the fact that each of us is made up of more than just our physical bodies and other aspects of ourselves must also be addressed for an effective and complete recovery.

Has alternative medicine ever helped you recover from a mental, emotional or physical problem? Share below!

How to Clear Your Chakras & Energy Fields


There are seven interconnected and interacting energy fields, which surround your physical body. Each of these fields correspond with seven major energy centers in your body, known as chakras. Each chakra is associated with a certain colour that operates at a particular frequency.

Negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences can clutter your energy fields and interfere with your chakras functioning at their optimal frequency. Eventually, they can manifest as mental, emotional and physical disturbances.

Energy medicine clears your chakras and energy fields enabling better mental, emotional and physical health.

Aside from receiving energy healing, here are some other ways you can keep your chakras and energy fields clear:

Make sure you spend at least 20-40 minutes everyday being active. Any form of exercise that uses your entire body is great for opening and clearing your chakras, such as yoga. Try hot yoga if you want the added benefit of detoxing.

Meditation can remove stress right out of your system (and not just from the day, but that which has been accumulating for years). It enhances your ability to focus, sleep better, and can keep you looking young and healthy.

It is important to have a consistent meditation practice. For increased benefits, try meditating at the same time everyday. Your body and mind becomes accustomed to moving into a state of silence and relaxation during that time, which enables you to heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

Have a Healthy, Balanced Diet
If you have a diet that is high in refined sugar, carbs, caffeine and alcohol, chances are that your energy field and chakras will be negatively impacted. If you’re reaching for excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine to keep you awake, find more natural ways to boost your energy such as exercising and increasing your intake of greens and whole foods.

Always ask yourself whether what you are consuming is a life affirming food or beverage. If it’s good for you, it will feel good to your body and not just for a short period of time (such as a sugar or caffeine rush! I know! I love sugar too but anytime your body crashes from a rush, it’s a sign that your body’s natural energy rhythms and cycles are being messed with. Remember to keep the “fun stuff” in moderation to avoid health issues such as adrenal fatigue.)

Find an Emotional Outlet
The bulk of energy blockages occur as a result of suppressed emotions. We all experience our day-to-day frustrations, insecurities and have had some situations in our lives that have greatly impacted us on an emotional level. The worst thing to do is to keep these feelings suppressed in your system, as it is only a matter of time that it will manifest as disease.

One way to release your emotions is to journal. Take as little as ten minutes to write or type out your frustrations from the day or reflect on past experiences that are holding you back from moving on in your life. (Fellas, don’t be ashamed of doing this either. In fact, men could really benefit from this, as they don’t emotionally vent as much as women do!)

Another great way to release your emotions is to have a ranting session with a good friend. 🙂 Remember to choose those friends who are genuinely supportive and will not be judgmental.

Take a Sea Salt Bath
Salt has a very purifying effect on your energy fields and body. A great way to clear yourself energetically is to take a dip in the ocean. You’ll emerge feeling like a heavy load has been lifted from your shoulders.

For those of you in colder climates, create your own sea salt bath at home. Take 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of sea salt. Add your favourite essential oil for a nice fragrance and soak for 20 minutes. Your energy fields will glow!

Do Things That Make You Happy
Find a little bit of time everyday to do what you love. Listen to your favourite song, watch your favourite tv show, do something for yourself or for those you love – whatever it is that keeps you smiling. Joy is a really high form of energy that can completely transform your chakras and energy fields, especially when you are using your talents and passions to create something for the benefit of others.

Have you tried one of the methods above and seen positive effects in your life? Share below!