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Five More Natural Cosmetics I Really Dig (And You Should Too!)

In one of my previous blog posts, “Five Natural Cosmetic Products I Really Dig (And You Should Too), I explained why it’s so important to use clean cosmetics from a health and energy medicine perspective.

Basically, everything you put on your body gets absorbed into your bloodstream and goes straight to your liver to be neutralized and eliminated from your system. We all take our liver for granted – when you consider how many environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, plus what we might be consuming and putting on our bodies (the EWG reports that the average person is exposed to 126 chemicals through personal care products alone), our liver is already overburdened. This is why it should be our responsibility to commit to as clean of a lifestyle as possible.

Over the past year, I have slowly been revamping my cosmetics to natural ones. It definitely has been a process of trial and error but I’m getting closer to my goal of having completely natural make-up and wanted to share some additional products (you can check my blog post mentioned above for more) that I think are effective and worth purchasing.

Sappho Organics Natural Foundation
Foundation tends to be one of the most toxic cosmetic products so I was really keen to find a good natural foundation. This one smells nice and provides fairly good coverage. I particularly like that the shades blend really well with skin tone, which can sometimes be hard to find with natural cosmetic lines. If you try this out and find that you want more coverage, try using a non-toxic foundation powder on top, like this one from Gabriel Cosmetics.

Ilia Lipsticks
Okay – seriously, these lipsticks are amazing. They are rich in colour and texture and are super moisturizing. While they are a little pricey, they are definitely worth the amount given the fact that you get an amazing red-carpet Hollywood look despite the fact that they are clean! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed in them.

It is estimated that the average woman will eat seven pounds of lipstick in her lifetime – might as well be clean lipstick!  😉

Josie Maran Black Argan Oil Mascara
Believe it or not, you can get this one at Sephora and it’s always ranked as one of the highest rated mascaras on the market. It’s really effective at lengthening and adding some volume to your lashes. It’s also really easy to wash it off at the end of the day.

Nourish Organics Lavender-Mint Body Lotion
I adore this lotion – it absorbs instantaneously and smells like heaven! The mint leaves a very soothing, cooling sensation on your skin. I love to take this cream along with me when I’m traveling and don’t want to use any of the toxic hotel creams. Honestly, it’s so luxurious, you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything.

Sre. Anne’s Skin Nourishment Clarify Mineral Mask
We all get problematic skin from time to time and for different reasons. Whenever I start to feel like I’m breaking out (usually because I am not drinking enough water), I use this all-natural clarifying mask and it tides me over while I adjust my diet to tackle the underlying problem. You can use it as a facemask or spot treatment. I swear by this – seriously – bye-bye to all of those toxic products out there that try to tame your pores while poisoning your body. This one works miracles overnight.

If you are curious as to how toxic your cosmetic products are, you can check EWG’s cosmetic database or download the app “SkinDeep”, which allows you to scan your products and check out the stats! While it can be scary to see how toxic your products are, think about this as an empowering process whereby you are taking control over what your body is absorbing. Transition slowly – try a few out and see what works for you.

Happy Clean Living! 🙂

Is Your Root Chakra on Overdrive? Stay in the Now and Care for Yourself!

I’ve fallen sick and I’m not surprised because my root chakra was in complete disarray these past couple of weeks.

The problem was that I was trying to do too many things at once, which left my energy scattered and ungrounded. I was waking up early, going to work, coming back home, exercising, cooking my vegan meals and doing distance healing sessions. Add in some social commitments and teaching energy healing classes over the weekend  – I was left with no time to myself.

One night I found myself rushing to the kitchen to cook my meals for the next day. As I was whipping up a smoothie bowl, I suddenly felt an energy shift in my back and shoulders. I stopped the blender and contemplated what the energy was. It was tight, scattered and tense – stress.

I literally laughed at myself – I was getting stressed over making a smoothie bowl. I mean, come on. It’s hilarious how a busy schedule makes even the smallest of things seem like daunting, stressful tasks.

I also realized that I was approaching the simple task of making my meals as yet another item to mark off my checklist instead of really stopping and connecting with what I was doing.

A healthy root chakra is all about being in the present moment and grounding yourself.

I realized that instead of approaching the task of cooking with a “this has to get done” mentality, I simply had to shift my thought process over to something else. For me, it was recognizing that I was taking out the time to prepare healthy meals that would nourish my body. Suddenly, a disconnected, annoying task shifted into an act of self-love. That made my root, solar plexus and heart chakras very happy!

Always approach taking care of your body as an act of self-love instead of being frustrated or annoyed with it. That can easily happen because lets face it – you do have to take extra time out of your schedule to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always that convenient. Plus, our bodies can do very random and odd things that we don’t understand. It’s easy to get annoyed or frustrated instead of treating them with gentle, loving care.

Of course, the moment I got the sniffles I realized that I was carrying all that stress in my system for the past couple of weeks. Out came my energy healing tools and I am well on my way to a complete recovery. It’s amazing what energy healing and a healthy diet can do for you.

So if you find yourself on root-chakra overdrive, try to stay in the now and shift your perception of your self-care tasks. Taking care of your body is so important! Your root chakra will love you for it! 🙂