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Tips & Tools to Keep Your Home Buzzing at a High Energetic Vibration

Just as people have their own energy, so does the energy of a home. All the good and bad events that happen there carry their own distinct energy that can stay long after an event has ended. In addition, anytime people come into your home, they bring along different energies that can stay long after they are gone.

A lot of this may seem like hogwash but think about it – have you ever walked into a room and known that an argument had just taken place there? How about attending the home of a person whose family member has just passed away? It’s likely that you would have sensed some pretty heavy energy in the air.

So what can be done? A lot! Here are some of the ways you can clear the energy of your home:

Get An Energetic Home Clearing
Just as an energy healer can work on a person, they can work on a house to clear away negative energy.

Keep Your Home Clutter Free
Sometimes life gets in the way and things can really accumulate but find a way to make it a regular practice to throw away things you don’t need and keep your home as clutter-free as possible. Remember that the sweater you wore years ago does not need to be in your closet anymore and can always help someone else!


Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp
You’ve probably seen these around in health food stores. What is the big deal with them? Well, we are around electronics all the time – whether it is our computer, the microwave, florescent lighting, heaters, or air conditioners. They emit positive ions, which lower our energy and make us feel tired. A Himalayan Salt Lamp releases negative ions, which neutralizes the effect of positive ions in our environment and improves the air quality. They also have a visually soothing effect.

Burn Sage
This is a practice that is regularly practiced by First Nations. They burn sage to cleanse their energy fields and also use it on places to remove negative energy. If you don’t like the smell or smoke, try using a sage spray, which has some sage mixed in with other essential oils. The one I often use between energy treatments is called “Smudge In Spray” created by Margaret Ann Lembo. It smells divine!

Get Some Fresh Air
Leave the windows open every once in a while to let out stale air and welcome fresh air in. Make sure you have a good screen to prevent any creepy crawlies from coming inside. Fresh air isn’t as lovely when a spider comes along with it!

Keep Green Plants
It has been scientifically proven that certain plants can improve the quality of indoor air. My favourite is aloe vera (I can probably write an entire blog entry on this one plant alone). It can be used to clear away by-products of chemical based cleaners. It’s a very good kitchen plant.

Use Essential Oils
There are some great essential oils that can be burned or converted into a room spray, which can clear away negativity from your home. For example, Eucalyptus is antibacterial and is great to get rid of germs in the air.

All of the techniques above will change the energy of your home for the better!

Have you used any of the techniques above to clear the energy of your home? Have you used any that I haven’t mentioned? Share below!