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Overcoming Egocentric Tendencies Through Humility & Grace

There’s no question about it – our society’s egocentric culture is becoming worse. Between all the social media selfies and popular songs that have to do with showing yourself off to others (“started from the bottom now we’re here”) – we live in the era of “look at me! look at me!” and it seems that many have an incessant need to prove just how special they are.

A need to prove one’s self-worth always stems from a place of insecurity because if one were confident enough in one’s self, they wouldn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. 

And somewhere underneath the need to prove oneself is a lack of self-love and appreciation as one has learned to value themselves through the eyes of their critics as opposed to their own. (Really – how poor can our self esteem be if feeling good about ourselves is dependent on how many facebook likes our most recent picture receives?)

While negative experiences in one’s past (e.g. being the victim of bullying or criticism) can provide an impetus for wanting to achieve more for oneself, one should not become a victim to those experiences for they do not provide a solid foundation for self-empowerment. A solid foundation is created when one takes action to maximize their potential for no other reason than to be the best they can. If one is one’s best, then they are carrying out their life purpose with the by-product of others witnessing their great work as opposed to setting out to accomplish that work for the sole objective of showing it off to others. And if one does reach that place of living out their purpose successfully, it’s always best to be humble and gracious.

From an energy healing perspective, the need to constantly prove oneself to others is a sign of a weak solar plexus. The solar plexus is the energy center that thrives when you feel confident and in control of your life.  People with healthy self-esteems, self-respect and self-love have strong solar plexuses. They feel good about themselves and carry out their life purpose without the need to prove themselves to others. 

So while you might have “started from the bottom”, there’s no need to show off about where you’re at (Sorry Drake :-P). 

To work on your solar plexus to overcome egocentric tendencies, take the following steps: 
1. Reflect on what experiences have caused you to feel the need to prove yourself to others.

2. Re-frame those experiences by forgiving your haters or critics – remember that forgiving someone doesn’t mean that what they did was okay but that you are willing to release any toxic emotions that you still hold against that person.

3. Focus on your life purpose – what are you seeking to create in the world and what steps do you need to take to do it?

4. Sever the connection between number 1 and 3 and commit to doing number 3 for no other purpose than being your best.

Happy humility and grace!

Empower Yourself Through Your Free Will & Destiny

The solar plexus is the energy center that is associated with free will, empowerment and choice.

The crown chakra is the energy center that is associated with your life purpose and divine plan.

In order to feel like you are living your life purpose while being aware of the choices you have and making the best ones, both of these energy centers must be balanced and work in tandem with one another.

Perhaps you are destined to be a writer but the form that may take can differ according to the choices you make. For instance, you may be the author of novels or a journalist for a newspaper or a policy developer for the government. With a strong crown chakra and solar plexus you will know which choice will be best for you.

Alongside your career choices, an awareness of your life purpose and your free will can also influence relationship outcomes. When you are living in integrity and alignment with your purpose, you are more likely to choose a partner that will respect it and have values similar to your own, which can result in you choosing the best person for yourself in the long term.

Developing this self awareness allows you to approach your life from a place of empowerment instead of victimization. When you choose to live in alignment with your life purpose you are committing to being your very best. You also begin to appreciate how creative you can get with your life choices and that you are truly not as constrained as you may think.

As a result, while free will and destiny might seem like an inherently contradictory partnership, they very much operate together to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Happy self empowerment! 🙂