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Healing in January

January tends to be a difficult month for many of us – as the holiday spirit comes to an end, we’re forced to confront our bills, diet, and return to some parts of our lives that may not be completely satisfying or where we would like them to be.

The chakra that tends to be the most distorted in January is the sacral chakra – this is the energy center associated with our emotions and food choices. It’s very feminine in nature but every chakra has a yin/yang balance that is necessary for it to function effectively and the sacral chakra tends to become too yin due to over-indulging during the holidays.

Here are some ways to heal this chakra and your overall energy system in January:

  1. Detox – cut out or drastically reduce refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and any other irritants to your system. Step up on your organic veggies, fruits and water intake. Try consuming natural detox beverages like lemon water and cayenne or ginger tea and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Exercise – get moving. If you weren’t active during the holidays, there can be an excess of yin in your system that makes you feel more sluggish and slowed down. Exercising can assist in bringing forth more yang to balance your body and energy fields.
  1. Meditate – this will assist you in better handling any stress or anxieties that might come up as you contemplate moving forward in the new year.
  1. Create a visualization board or list of goals – include things that you would like to accomplish or that keep you motivated. It could include trips you want to take or things you’d like to manifest for yourself. I personally like creating a visualization board or book because you can include pictures – visual representations are known to more readily influence the subconscious mind and engage the law of attraction.
  1. Get energy healing – especially if you are having a hard time breaking through holiday habits or are anxious about the New Year and need some clarity on moving forward.
  1. Spend time relaxing – the holidays can be hectic and you may need some “me time” to do things like reading or going to a spa for a relaxing massage. Feed your spirit.
  1. Be patient with yourself – whatever your goals are coming out of the holidays, be patient with yourself. Remember it’s about progress, not perfection.
Christmas Magic - How to Have Your Wishes Fulfilled

Remember when you were a little kid and so deeply believed in Santa Claus? You wished with all your heart that he would get you a particular something for Christmas. Then on Christmas morning you would rush down to the tree, find your present, unwrap it and gasp in delight when you realized that Santa received your wish and granted it!

I had a little bit of “Santa wish granting” recently and wanted to share this story of Christmas magic with you.


Some time ago, I came across a picture of the most adorable plush snowmen that were being sold at the Christmas Market in the Distillery District (Toronto). I wanted one. Yes, I am not a little girl but when I saw the picture, I just knew I had to have one. They warmed my heart and made me smile.

So I put it out there to the universe to bring one to me. I was somewhat doubtful of being able to get one considering that the Christmas Market has been heavily trodden with hundreds of visitors since it opened over a week ago. I thought that the inventory would be wiped out by this point. Plus, it would be a few days before I would have the time to go there.

I even conducted an online search to see if these particular snowmen plush were available anywhere online (oh yeah – I was serious about this!). I couldn’t find them.

I put my worries about not being able to find one aside and went to sleep thinking about how one of them would add to my Christmas cheer!

The next morning, I wanted to get a little birthday cupcake for my friend. At first, I was thinking of getting it from a grocery store nearby. Once I got in the car, something told me to go to another grocery store farther away. I followed my intuition and went to it. Not only was there a great selection of cupcakes but when I went toward the coffee bar, guess what I found?


Yup! We were meant to be! There was only one of her available (she’s a snowlady by the way, not a snowman and her name is Snowdust if you’re wondering 😉 ).

Seriously though – what are the chances of being able to get the exact plush I wanted in a small grocery store (of all places), the day after I wished really hard for it?

Here is what I want to share with you from this magical experience:

4 Steps to Have Your Wishes Fulfilled

(1) Wish for something you want with all your heart.
You’re never too old to do this.

(2) Before you go to sleep, focus on your desires instead of your worries.
Psychological and metaphysical studies have established that what we think about before we sleep deeply affects our subconscious minds and drives our reality the very next day. So we might as well focus on what we want instead of our fears.

(3) Know that the universe will conspire in ways to get you what you want if it is in your higher good.
Be patient though – sometimes it may not manifest quickly. There’s something called divine timing.

(4) Follow your intuition.
You may have asked the universe for something but the reason you may not be getting it is because you’re not listening to your inner guidance that is directing you to it. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be intuitive ask yourself how many times you have ignored the little voice at the back of your head and have regretted doing so. We all have the gift of intuition. I promise there’s nothing “psychic” or “woo-woo” about this. Be receptive to that little voice!

Happy Wish Making! 🙂

Have you had any magical experiences of your wishes being fulfilled? Please share below