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Yummy & Healthy Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

In my previous article “Being Aware of the Energy of Your Diet”, I mentioned that lots of raw vegetables can keep your energy centers buzzing at a high vibration. One of the ways to get your daily raw veggies is to have raw vegan foods.

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy eating at vegan restaurants. I first tried vegan restaurants when I was detoxing and had to remove dairy and wheat from my vegetarian diet. I thought it would be a nightmare but some of the restaurants I tried made yummy and nutritious raw vegan dishes. While I am over the detox, I still enjoy eating at these restaurants:

If you are looking for raw and yummy - this is a great place to go. I like their pizza, zucchini noodles, taco wrap and olive and nut currant seed salad (some of these are seasonal and not available year round). Their dishes are all flavourful and I have really come to appreciate them for this, as I find that some vegan restaurants don’t infuse their dishes with distinct flavours. They also have great desserts without refined sugar. Try their pumpkin pie during the Fall/Winter season. The banana cream pie on their Spring menu is also good. Some of their desserts do have agave so watch out for that if you’re trying to cut back on sugar for health reasons.

Live Organic Food Bar
95% percent of their menu is locally derived or organic! The restaurant is small, but their dishes are well sized, taste good and are presented well. They have both raw and cooked options. I like their paleo bowl and kale caesar salad. 

Their desserts do not use any refined sugars. You can even find plenty of agave-free options. I love their Lemon Zinger, Tiramisu and Carrot cakes. They also make great Nanaimo Bars. Get there early because their desserts go fast and are worth trying!

You can get some of their desserts and other snack items from natural health stores such as Nature’s Emporium and Whole Foods.

They have an extensive menu of juices, smoothies, salads, burgers, and noodle/rice bowls. I enjoy their almond milk latte and all star salad. Try their “Buddha Lung Lover” drink if you are sick or starting to catch a bug. Yes, the names of their drinks are enough of a reason to go! 🙂

If you are in Toronto or visiting, I highly encourage you to try these vegan restaurants. You’ll be satisfied and your body will love you!

Have you tried any healthy vegan restaurants in Toronto that you have liked? Share below!