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How to Cut Your Energy Chords to Refined Sugar
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Refined sugar used to be my everyday best friend. Now it’s an acquaintance I see maybe a couple of times of month.

Cutting it out wasn’t easy. I was the girl jumping with glee in the bakery department of grocery stores and by the pastry display cases in coffee shops. Bringing home a white box of yummy goodness was my way of rewarding myself everyday for my hard work. Back then, in my head, all sugar did was potentially make you gain weight and I wasn’t gaining any so I thought it was okay.

One day I found myself coming back from work late with a massive Pina Colada cupcake with three inches of icing. I had brought two big (actually huge) ones for the weekend. The intention was to only have a quarter at the table but the quarter grew into half, which then grew into three quarters and eventually I was left with nothing but an empty plate. I stared at my plate and felt sick. I realized something was horribly wrong – I had a serious sugar addiction and I had to kick it.

I know people laugh when they hear “sugar addiction” because they say it’s something that everyone has. It’s not taken seriously but it should be – refined sugar is an incredibly toxic and addictive substance that can damage your overall health.

The Impact of Refined Sugar on Your Physical health
Consuming too much refined sugar is correlated with a wide variety of health problems including thyroid, digestive, adrenal and weight issues. In addition, refined sugar is bleached so you are consuming a bunch of toxins every time you ingest it.

The Impact of Refined Sugar on Your Energy Fields
I can tell in an instant whether my clients are hooked on sugar. There are obvious breaks in the energy flow of their fields and blocks in almost all chakras but especially in the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The root chakra is affected because of the effect of sugar spikes on the adrenal glands. The sacral chakra is the source of the sugar addiction – this is the energy center of unresolved emotions that cause addictive behaviours. Once the sacral chakra has a strong attachment to a food or substance, a person’s solar plexus is automatically impacted as they lose their willpower and their addictions assume control over them.

How to Give it Up
Tackle the Emotions Behind Your Sugar Addiction
We like sugar because it activates the reward center in our brain and creates feelings of pleasure. Ask yourself what aspects of your life are devoid of pleasure and how you can create that feeling without relying on sugar to get it. Energy healing is particularly beneficial for clearing out and gaining clarity on the emotions that are causing your addictive behaviour.

Replace Refined Sugar with Unrefined Sugar
You can substitute coconut sugar for cane sugar (it is still sugar but in a less processed/refined form. It also has a lower glycemic index) in your baking. You can also use fruit, pure maple syrup, raw honey or coconut nectar in your dessert recipes. Don’t overdo it – these are still sugar sources that have to be consumed responsibly.

Work with a Naturopath or Nutritionist
You may be accustomed to using refined sugar as an energy source and might have to make some dietary adjustments to include more natural sources of energy. A professional can assist you with making these healthy changes.

It’s Worth It
When I quit refined sugar, my energy surged, the brain fog I was experiencing lifted and I felt more empowered to deal with my emotions in a healthy way. I’m sure you’ll notice the same and through your own inner work including energy medicine, you’ll learn how to create the sweetness you truly crave in your life.