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Health Grab & Go Vegan Desserts

I have always had a sweet tooth and when I eliminated dairy from my diet, I was left wondering how I would be able to satisfy it in a healthy way. Of course I could make my own desserts at home, but there are times when life gets too busy and you end up being in a “grab and go” mood.

I have previously written about the effects refined sugar has on our energy fields (you can read about that here). I wanted to share with you some of my favourite summer vegan desserts that use no refined sugar, making them healthy in addition to being yummy and available on the go. They also don’t have the unhealthy, non-organic dairy that most Western desserts are made from. And you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them – I have vegetarian and meat-eating friends who love these desserts. 🙂

Screamin Brothers Ice Cream
If you haven’t seen the Dragon’s Den episode of the adorable brothers who are behind this company – watch it! They have an amazing variety of ice cream flavours that are dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Their key lime flavour is unbelievably good. My non-vegan friends are always shocked that it is not dairy based – it’s that convincing.

Live on Chocolate Puddings & Popsicles
When I first saw these cute little puddings on the shelves of Nature’s Emporium, my interest spiked and within one bite, I knew I was in love. Their lime flavour is my favourite and I also like their mocha caramel and raspberry ones. They are also available in the form of popsicles, which makes me very happy on hot sunny days.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – No Sugar Added
This is amazing as a complement to a warm baked crisp or pie. It is also good on its own. It’s sweetened with monk fruit and perfect for when you are in a vanilla ice-cream mood.

I highly recommend that you try the desserts listed above or something comparable depending on where you live – I mean, doesn’t everyone want guilt-free indulgence?

I personally don’t miss “regular dessert” at all with these amazing alternatives. They really are that good.

Enjoy! 🙂