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The Solar Plexus - Your Power Center

The solar plexus chakra sits between your rib cages and is the colour yellow. This is the energy center that is associated with self-esteem, self-respect, power and control. It also the center of your life-force or vitality.

On a physical level, an imbalanced solar plexus chakra can manifest as gastrointestinal, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, or spleen issues. Another indication of imbalance is fatigue or lethargy.

If your solar plexus is imbalanced, then you may be attempting to exercise too much control over your life. You may even be called overly ambitious, aggressive or dominating. In addition, it is likely that you are easily influenced by others, such as caring too much about what they think or allowing them to push you around or bully you. It is also common for those with a solar plexus imbalance to feel insecure about themselves.

Some experiences that may lead you to have a solar plexus chakra imbalance are:
 Having gone through a relationship that negatively impacted your sense of self-worth
• You were bullied and thought that something was wrong with you as a result
• You were rejected and thought that something was wrong with you as a result
• You experienced an event, which caused you to develop a strong need to prove yourself to others
• You were abandoned as a child
• You weren’t given enough attention and love when you were young

Tips to Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Many people find that when they exercise, they feel stronger in every aspect of their life, not just physically. This is because the solar plexus chakra is stimulated during exercise and helps people to step into their inner power.

Also keep in mind that the solar plexus chakra controls a lot of the organs that are involved in detoxing your body, such as your liver and digestive organs. Exercising can assist those organs with their elimination functions.

Any exercises that involve twists of the abdomen are particularly great for the solar plexus chakra.

Keep a Healthy Diet
As stated above, your solar plexus chakra controls your digestive system so keeping a healthy diet can assist in maintaining the health of this chakra. Focus on foods that
are nutritionally dense and nourishing. Avoid chemicals, caffeine, sugar and fried foods.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Good About Yourself
Learn how to compliment yourself in a healthy way. Make sure that you feel good about your accomplishments, even if they are perceived as small, like cooking a nice meal for your family or getting your children to school on time. Value yourself for what you do.

Surrender Control & Ask for Help
Understand when you need to walk away from a situation or when you need others to help you. You’re not a superhero and it’s completely healthy to ask others for assistance from time to time.

Draw Your Boundaries
Understand when you need to draw your personal boundaries, especially in relation to others. Maybe you really need to spend a day relaxing as opposed to meeting a friend who really wants to see you. It’s fine to put others before you but it’s unhealthy to do it all the time. Value what you feel your spirit needs.

Listen to Your Intuition
Stop carrying about what other people think and listen to yourself. If you tune in, you’ll find answers to some of the most pressing questions you may have about your life. It’s fine to get other people’s input but you need to make the final call on those decisions that affect your life. You have your own inner truth barometer, so use it!

Use the Following Affirmations
“I honour and respect myself”
“I value myself”
“I love myself”
“I deserve the very best in life”
“I am capable of making my own decisions”
“I listen to my inner voice”

Use the Following Crystals
These crystals correspond to the frequency of a healthy solar plexus chakra and are great to carry, meditate with, or use during energy healing: Citrine, Golden Quartz, and Yellow Topaz.