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I Spoonk. Do you Spoonk?

These past couple of years, I noticed colourful mats on the shelves at Whole Foods and while I was intrigued by them, I didn’t bother actually checking them out to see what they were. Through the grapevine, I heard that there were acupuncture mats available in natural health stores that were incredibly effective. I made the connection in my head to the ones I had seen and decided to buy one, because I was already going for acupuncture treatments and figured that if I could upkeep the benefits at home, it would be worth it.

When I first got the spoonk mat (I know – it’s a hilarious name and I love saying it), I was a little scared to use it. The spikes are actually quite sharp but after reading dozens of testimonials and being assured of its safety, I lay back down on it one night for 20 minutes before I went to sleep. That night, I slept like a baby and woke up the next morning with a relaxed neck, shoulders and back.

I personally haven’t had to go back to my acupuncturist since getting this mat – it’s my own self-administered acupuncture session at home and it’s fabulous! Plus, I usually pay my acupuncturist $70 for a treatment and this mat, which can be used repeatedly, was $75. *Note – my issues were minor. If you have specialized treatments that are a little more complex, you may need to keep up with your acupuncture treatments as well.

The mats are based on acupressure principles – that when certain pressure points in your body are stimulated, blood flows through those points and helps to release muscle tension. It also gets your parasympathetic nervous system going, which makes you super relaxed.

From an energy medicine perspective, there are various energy meridians or pathways that run through your body and when they get blocked, the life force energy that keeps us all happy and healthy isn’t able to get through, which causes all sorts of physical problems.

Since acupuncture is basically a form of energy medicine releasing that blocked energy, I love to combine energy healing with spoonking. Every night, I take out 20-30 minutes to lie on the spoonk mat and do energy healing on myself at the same time. It’s even better if you can get someone else to do distance healing on you while you are chilling out on your mat. Afterwards, I feel lighter, clearer and sleep really well.

I personally chose the purple coloured spoonk mat because purple is the colour that is associated with the third eye chakra, which regulates your nervous system. So by seeing that colour every time I lie down on it, I subconsciously process that my third eye chakra and nerves will be cleared while using it. Remember it’s your subconscious mind + your conscious intention + energy that creates amazing results. But there are some other awesome colours so choose whatever speaks to you. For instance, if you have heart chakra imbalances then maybe you’d prefer to get a green coloured one. Just feel positive about whatever colour it is that you are choosing for yourself.

I hope you will try this amazing at-home energy treatment. If you do, please let me know how you liked it!

P.S. You can find it at natural health stores – even abroad and it’s also available on