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Subconscious Thoughts that Prevent Healing

One of the factors that can influence our ability to heal a mental, emotional or physical issue is what we think about our health, our lives and ourselves.

Here are five subconscious thoughts that can prevent us from healing and the chakras, or energy centers that are associated with them.

Fearing Change
Being unwell can be time consuming and may involve spending more time than usual at home. You may fear having to change your lifestyle once you are well. A change may call for more responsibility and less time for self-care.

To reverse this psychology, you must overcome your fear of moving forward in life. The energy centers associated with this are your third eye chakra, which provides you with a vision for your future and your solar plexus chakra, which tends to be a magnet for fear based thoughts and emotions. Working on these chakras can overcome these issues.

Becoming Attached to Secondary Gain
There can be secondary gains in being unwell. You may get a lot of sympathy and attention from your friends and family. You may be receiving benefits or some other form of resources that cover your expenses. You may like the security of being able to depend on others for your care.

To overcome becoming attached to these secondary gains, you need to know that you are capable of manifesting abundance, security and support while you are well. The energy centers that are associated with this are the solar plexus chakra (the center for self-esteem) the sacral chakra (the center that governs your relations with others) and the root chakra (the center for security).

Having Control Issues
You may feel like you have to do everything yourself, including healing yourself. You may not like to rely on others for help, including your doctor, alternative health practitioner, and family members.

To reverse these issues, you have to let go and be willing to receive. These psychological aspects are associated with your solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Believing You Do Not Deserve to Be Happy And Well
You may feel guilty for something you have done and regard your predicament as a balancing act of karma. Or maybe you have a poor sense of self-esteem and expect nothing but the worst for yourself.

To reverse these thoughts, you need to refrain from becoming a victim of your circumstances and begin to respect yourself. Working on your solar plexus chakra can assist with this.

Having a Fixed Idea About Health
You may regard your issue as one that is hard or impossible to heal. You may accept defeat the moment you are diagnosed with a condition, telling yourself that you will live with it rather than overcome it.

To reverse this thought, you have to maintain a flexible outlook on healing and believe you can return to a state of perfect health. This can be accomplished by working on your crown chakra, which is the energy center that is associated with your outlook on life.

By working on your chakras through exercise, diet, and with an energy healer, you can alter your subconscious thoughts about healing and expedite your recovery.