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The Healing Benefits of Floating

If someone asked you to submerge yourself in an isolation tank filled with salt water for a full hour in complete darkness, would you do it?

I did and it was great.

Floating or flotation therapy is a new wellness trend for those who are stressed or anxious and need an escape from their daily lives and overactive minds.

Float Tank.jpg

This is how it works – you enter into a tank with sea salt water and lie down. Since there is so much salt, you float (and will not sink). You can use a pillow for neck support or you can float without one. Background music plays to set the mood. Then the lights begin to fade and you are left in complete darkness. Since the water comes up to your ears, all external noise is blocked.

According to scientific literature, there is a drop in the brain’s electrical activity and induction of theta brain waves, which are associated with deep relaxation. The parts of your brain that are associated with spatial awareness, such as your parietal lobe, decrease in activity. You literally feel like you’re in space, floating away.

You know that space between your thoughts where all the magic happens? Where you gain creative insight, clarity, and faith? That gets amplified in the process of floating. You are so relaxed, your mind shuts up and that space between your thoughts becomes more accessible to you.

In fact, the facility I attended left a journal beside the float tank for people to use afterwards, in case they wanted to record any creative insights from their floating session.

Floating & Energy Healing

Salt is incredibly cleansing for your energy fields. I always recommend that people who lead busy/stressful lives take sea salt baths at least once a week.

Floating is different from taking a sea salt bath because it’s a more intense version – you have way more salt, which also causes you to float and you spend a longer time in the water. This allows for a really deep, energetic cleanse.

Spending time in water is very nourishing for the sacral chakra, which is the energy center associated with creativity, sexuality and emotions. So if you’re looking for some balance in any of those areas, floating would be a great healing option for you.

My Experience

I loved the very beginning of my float. I chose to listen to nature sounds for the first three minutes and it felt so surreal. I just felt like I was floating away in space and had no idea of where I was.

As I am a person with an overactive mind, it took some time for it to slow down but it eventually did – probably because of all that salt that my body was soaking up. I was so relaxed.

I set the intention of gaining insight for my own personal healing and played around with my energy fields to find blocks and release them.

Afterwards, I came out feeling deeply relaxed and emotionally balanced. My friend noticed a glow about my face and I felt it. Later in the day, my family commented on how “zen” I appeared. I’m usually on the go all the time and found myself wanting to just sit and relax.

A day later, I feel really rested, rejuvenated and balanced. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another floating session in the future

Consider floating if you:
– are stressed, anxious or burnt out
– are seeking clarity or insight in a particular area of your life
– feel emotionally imbalanced and want to remove energy blocks
– feel like you can benefit from a sense of deep physical relaxation
– want to tap into your intuition or creativity
– want your energy fields to glow and be strong

Let me know if you try it out and what your experience was like. 🙂