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Nourish Your Heart Chakra With Healthy Chocolate

Love and chocolate seem to be a natural combination and in energy medicine, chocolates are considered to be a heart chakra food if they are of the right kind.

Unfortunately, most of the chocolates available at drug stores and bakeries fall into the unhealthy category. They are overly processed with refined sugar, artificial colours and artificial flavouring.

Luckily, there are some great chocolates out there that are delicious and healthy!

In general, aim for dark chocolate over milk chocolate as the sugar content is lower. Also look at the ingredients for raw cocoa instead of processed chocolate. Raw cocoa is a superfood that confers many health benefits. Among other things, it is great for cardiovascular health, has antioxidants and is a prebiotic (i.e. it feeds the good bacteria in your tummy).

I also find that with healthy chocolate, you don’t need as much to feel satisfied. I’m fine with 1/2-1 square for a sweet little something after a meal.

Here are my personal favourites:

Sacred Heart Chocolate (sweetened with maple sugar)

  • Twilight 69% Dark if you like a vanilla bean & salt combination (I am head over heels in love with this one)
  • Goji Nibby 65% Dark if you like fruity chocolate with a little bit of salt

Giddy YoYo (Raw, Organic, and “free of refined sugar & all other nasty funk”)

  • Lemon-Lime – 82% Dark for a more fruity flavour
  • Ginger – 76% Dark if you like some spice in your chocolate.

Ziabel Makuna Honey Chocolate Truffle Bars

  • 72% Dark Chocolate  (P.S. have this with a honey yerba mate – it’s a heavenly combination!)

Olivia Chocolat

  • 76% Dark Organic Cocoa sweetened with maple sugar

So go on and nourish your heart chakra while satisfying your chocolate craving in a healthy way. 🙂

Are you fond of healthy chocolate? Which are your favourites? Please share!