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Riding the Waves of Transition

Life often presents us with opportunities to elevate ourselves and choose something that would be in our higher good. If we choose to align with our higher selves and energy, we end up experiencing dramatic shifts that lead to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Keeping a "high vibe" state isn't easy for many of us. All of the negative feelings associated with our ego can get the best of us - whether it's fear, a lack of faith or addictions to living in a way that isn't serving us well. 

It's even harder to embrace a higher way of being when you're in a period of transition - you know the old isn't working for you anymore yet the new has not yet arrived. However, because you attract what you are, it is important to assume the feeling of what you'd like to be by believing wholeheartedly that you can accomplish your desires. 

Here are some signs of recognizing that you're experiencing a shift in consciousness that can lead to change: 
- some relationships that may have once worked for you will begin to fall away
- you become disengaged with what normally held your attention
- you start to crave new experiences that are unlike what you would have done before
- you feel the need to shift your outer environment (such as your home or workplace) or your inner environment (such as your diet and physical body) 

The feeling of wanting to do these things may at first be subtle, but will gradually grow to the point of occupying your mind more and more. In my experience, embracing it earlier makes for a much smoother transition ride. 

The chakras that you can focus on to assist you with transition are: 

1) The Third-Eye Chakra - this energy center plays an important role in providing you with insight about what living authentically means for you

2) The Solar Plexus Chakra - this energy center helps you to take action to create change in your life

3) The Root Chakra - this energy center often needs extra attention during times of transition because it is affected by feelings of instability and insecurity. The best way to focus on nourishing this chakra is by keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. When balanced, you will feel comfortable in adapting to change.

You can work with an energy healer or you can listen to guided chakra meditations to keep these energy centers in a balanced state. By doing so, you can minimize any feelings of discomfort and create change at a manageable pace.

Enjoy riding the waves of transition!

How to Overcome an Existential Crisis

You know that feeling that causes you to question your current circumstance and wonder if there’s something better for you? It may be disenchantment, a lack of motivation or boredom that prompts you to ask the question.

Sometimes asking that question can result in experiencing a full-out existential crisis, where you find yourself wondering whether your life has any purpose, meaning or value.

And while this all seems very sad and dreary, the truth is that existential crises are good – it’s a sign that your soul is telling you that you’re in the wrong place and you need to take action to get yourself back on path.

Overcoming an Existential Crisis Through Energy Healing
The chakra that is associated with understanding one’s life purpose is the crown chakra. If you are going through an existential crisis, chances are that your crown chakra is closed or imbalanced.

Other chakras that are associated with existential crises are the third eye chakra, which is the energy centre of insight and the throat chakra, which is the energy center that allows you to express your purpose in the world.

Working on these chakras through energy healing can assist with providing clarity regarding your purpose and what steps you need to take to live a soulful life.

Here are some other tips on how you can overcome an existential crisis:

Pay Attention to Your “Haunting Hobbies”
You know those things that you love to do but feel like you have no time for them and yet they continue to possess your mind? Craft space in your life to follow through on them. If you feel like something is missing in your life without them, chances are that they are meant to be part of your life path and purpose.

Consult with People You Respect
Sometimes when you lose faith in yourself and have a lack of mental clarity, the people who are dearest to you can remind you of your uniqueness and what you can contribute to the world. Also pay attention to any compliments you may receive from them or others – if someone tells you that you are good at something, consider whether it’s a skill or activity that you’d like to pursue and develop.

Get Away
Sometimes when you are caught up in the day-to-day activities of your busy life, it’s hard to take a step back and give yourself a reality check. Plan a mini-getaway or even a day where you are far-removed from your usual activities so you can contemplate on what you need to do to get things moving in the direction you’d like.

Have Patience
Change takes time so be sure to focus on the silver lining in your current circumstance while you await the fruitful return of your action steps.

Remember that it’s in your control to end your existential crisis – so embrace your inner power and create change!

How to Stay Centered in the Eye of a Storm
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   “He who does not lose his center endures” – Dao De Jing

“He who does not lose his center endures” – Dao De Jing

We all have challenging times that we face in our lives, which require effective coping mechanisms to protect the health of our mind, body and soul.

Here are some tips on what we can do to cope witch challenging times and the corresponding chakras that assist with cultivating these practices:

Ground Yourself (Root Chakra)
It’s very important to stay grounded while coping with challenges instead of engaging in escapist behaviour. Common escapist tendencies include becoming a workaholic, shopaholic, an exercising junkie, or indulging in comforting food, beverages, or substances.

If you are not grounded, you will not be able to deal with your circumstances head on. It will be difficult to confront your emotions and you can become trapped in a cycle of addictions.

Stay Present (Root Chakra & Third-Eye Chakra)
Sometimes, when the going gets rough, it’s best to take it a day at a time rather than think about things long-term. The latter can cause unnecessary worry. Focus on what you can do today to improve your situation or cope with it.

Mindfulness meditation is especially beneficial in assisting us to focus on the present moment, which in turn lessens our anxiety about our future.

Be Perceptive of Your Blessings (Third-Eye Chakra & Heart Chakra)
No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something positive that you can focus on. We tend to take simple things like having meals on our table and a roof over our heads for granted. When we focus on our blessings and what the universe has provided for us in the moment, our heart chakra expands in gratitude. With this expansion, we move away from a mentality of lack to one of abundance. This simple shift in emotion and thought can attract more positive experiences and opportunities for ourselves.

Tap into Your Intuitive Guidance (Third-Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra)
When you are grounded, present, and perceptive of your blessings, it is easier to hear your inner wisdom. You’ll get ideas and a clear sense of direction that will help you overcome your challenges.

Know Everything is Transient (Crown Chakra)
Every situation has to change, especially if you do your part in taking steps you are guided to take. Remind yourself that while you may have to be patient, things will eventually shift. Nothing is permanent.

Keep Your Faith (Crown Chakra)
Trust the universe is on your side. If things aren’t working out, it’s probably because there’s something better for you. Instead of viewing yourself as a victim of your circumstances, regard yourself as being in a creative co-partnership with the universe. Think of your partner as having more foresight than you do. Trust in it.

What practices have helped you cope with challenging times? Please be share below!