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When You Don't Get What You Want

I have a sweet tooth. I have always had a sweet tooth. And while I am very health conscious and don’t have sugar on a daily basis, there are times when I really need a cookie or cupcake and I make sure that I get the best I can find.

I was at a conference this past week. Being vegan, conferences are always entertaining (in a sad way). You barely get any food (salad and rice, anyone?) and dessert is almost always out of the question.

Throughout the day, people were grabbing cookies and small pastries and there was absolutely nothing for the vegans (aside from some dried out fruit). I really wanted a baked good and by the end of the day had a major craving. I decided that after the conference, I would stop by a shop that has these delicious vegan breakfast cookies. After the conference, I speed walked in excitement to the store. Much to my disappointment, they did not have the cookie I was looking for and the others were chocolate based, which I have never been much of a fan of.

I thought that perhaps the universe was sending me a “not today” sign. So I headed toward an evening appointment I had. On the way, there was a vegan bakery that usually only sells cupcakes and loaves. However, I noticed that they had put out a bunch of flower shaped, raspberry jam cookies. It wasn’t what I was craving, but I bought one just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I took a bite and was in utter delight – this was quite possibly the best vegan cookie I ever had! It was definitely better than the one I was searching for earlier.

I chuckled to myself and thought – how often do we so badly want something when in fact, the universe knows that there is something better for us? And we get upset and disappointed and loose our faith because unlike my cookie story, for the bigger things in life, “the better version” doesn’t arrive as quickly as we would like it to and it isn’t until it arrives that we realize the blessing.

I heard the saying once that “what is rightfully yours can never be withheld from you.” My cookie experience reminded me that when I don’t get what I want, instead of sulking, I should say “thank you”. 🙂

Is Your Root Chakra on Overdrive? Stay in the Now and Care for Yourself!

I’ve fallen sick and I’m not surprised because my root chakra was in complete disarray these past couple of weeks.

The problem was that I was trying to do too many things at once, which left my energy scattered and ungrounded. I was waking up early, going to work, coming back home, exercising, cooking my vegan meals and doing distance healing sessions. Add in some social commitments and teaching energy healing classes over the weekend  – I was left with no time to myself.

One night I found myself rushing to the kitchen to cook my meals for the next day. As I was whipping up a smoothie bowl, I suddenly felt an energy shift in my back and shoulders. I stopped the blender and contemplated what the energy was. It was tight, scattered and tense – stress.

I literally laughed at myself – I was getting stressed over making a smoothie bowl. I mean, come on. It’s hilarious how a busy schedule makes even the smallest of things seem like daunting, stressful tasks.

I also realized that I was approaching the simple task of making my meals as yet another item to mark off my checklist instead of really stopping and connecting with what I was doing.

A healthy root chakra is all about being in the present moment and grounding yourself.

I realized that instead of approaching the task of cooking with a “this has to get done” mentality, I simply had to shift my thought process over to something else. For me, it was recognizing that I was taking out the time to prepare healthy meals that would nourish my body. Suddenly, a disconnected, annoying task shifted into an act of self-love. That made my root, solar plexus and heart chakras very happy!

Always approach taking care of your body as an act of self-love instead of being frustrated or annoyed with it. That can easily happen because lets face it – you do have to take extra time out of your schedule to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always that convenient. Plus, our bodies can do very random and odd things that we don’t understand. It’s easy to get annoyed or frustrated instead of treating them with gentle, loving care.

Of course, the moment I got the sniffles I realized that I was carrying all that stress in my system for the past couple of weeks. Out came my energy healing tools and I am well on my way to a complete recovery. It’s amazing what energy healing and a healthy diet can do for you.

So if you find yourself on root-chakra overdrive, try to stay in the now and shift your perception of your self-care tasks. Taking care of your body is so important! Your root chakra will love you for it! 🙂

Are you Judged for Your Healthy Diet?

When I turned vegetarian at 16 years old, I received a lot of questions – most commonly, “why are you doing this?” and “how will you survive?”.

As I entered my early 20’s, when people found out I was vegetarian, they would look at me like I was nutritionally deficient. “Where do you get your protein from?” they would ask. I would relay how soy, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, nuts and protein shakes were part of my daily regimen but they never looked convinced that the diet I was on was “right”. I was even told to “be careful” a few times.

Judgment follows me even more now that I am predominantly vegan. “Are you at least taking a calcium supplement?” I am asked. (Yes I do take a calcium supplement. Need I mention that almond milk has the same amount of calcium as regular milk and that dark, green, leafy vegetables are really high in calcium?) “Don’t you miss cheese?” is another question they ask. When I talk about cashew cheese they look at me like I’m an alien.

There’s also the “why are you doing this, you are so young” comment, which I find hilarious. You’re never too young to make decisions for the betterment of your health!

So here are my tips for handling all the dietary judgment you may get:

Don’t Care What People Say – Stay Authentic to Yourself
Who cares what other people think? You know what’s right for you, including your diet. Everyone’s bodies are unique. Some people can’t handle sugar, some people can’t handle caffeine, and some people need meat. There’s no “right” diet (aside from avoiding the junk we all know about). If you want to make sure that your diet is right for you, work with the proper professionals and get the right tests done to ensure that your diet is providing you with the nutrition you need. Once you have medical tests that illustrate your diet is working and you start to feel better, you can have the confidence that you’ve made the right choice for yourself.

Don’t Yield to Social Pressure
If someone stops inviting you out because you don’t want to have a sugary cocktail or fried food, I say good riddance! You should be surrounded by people who love and accept you for who you are. I am incredibly fortunate to have friends that are open to trying out vegan restaurants or taking me to places where there are enough vegan options. It’s awesome! They also still invite me out to keep them company, even if it is at a place where I don’t want a lot of the food. Good conversation & fun doesn’t need junk in your system!

Challenge the Stereotype that Healthy is Not Yummy
Bring healthy foods/snacks/desserts into school or work to let your friends or coworkers try out foods that are tasty and healthy. You won’t seem as much of an alien to them once they understand the kind of food you eat (and in most cases, they’ll love it as much as you do!)

Enjoy your healthy diet and stay true to yourself! 🙂