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Healing in January

January tends to be a difficult month for many of us – as the holiday spirit comes to an end, we’re forced to confront our bills, diet, and return to some parts of our lives that may not be completely satisfying or where we would like them to be.

The chakra that tends to be the most distorted in January is the sacral chakra – this is the energy center associated with our emotions and food choices. It’s very feminine in nature but every chakra has a yin/yang balance that is necessary for it to function effectively and the sacral chakra tends to become too yin due to over-indulging during the holidays.

Here are some ways to heal this chakra and your overall energy system in January:

  1. Detox – cut out or drastically reduce refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and any other irritants to your system. Step up on your organic veggies, fruits and water intake. Try consuming natural detox beverages like lemon water and cayenne or ginger tea and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Exercise – get moving. If you weren’t active during the holidays, there can be an excess of yin in your system that makes you feel more sluggish and slowed down. Exercising can assist in bringing forth more yang to balance your body and energy fields.
  1. Meditate – this will assist you in better handling any stress or anxieties that might come up as you contemplate moving forward in the new year.
  1. Create a visualization board or list of goals – include things that you would like to accomplish or that keep you motivated. It could include trips you want to take or things you’d like to manifest for yourself. I personally like creating a visualization board or book because you can include pictures – visual representations are known to more readily influence the subconscious mind and engage the law of attraction.
  1. Get energy healing – especially if you are having a hard time breaking through holiday habits or are anxious about the New Year and need some clarity on moving forward.
  1. Spend time relaxing – the holidays can be hectic and you may need some “me time” to do things like reading or going to a spa for a relaxing massage. Feed your spirit.
  1. Be patient with yourself – whatever your goals are coming out of the holidays, be patient with yourself. Remember it’s about progress, not perfection.
Balancing Yin-Yang Energies
Yin-Yang Energies.jpg

The right and left sides of your body correspond to different energies. If one side of your body is weaker than the other, consider the following attributes associated with the different sides and reflect on the questions below to gain insight on what might be causing your imbalance.

The Right Side – Yang
The right side of the body is the masculine or yang side of the body. It is action-oriented, competitive, aggressive, controlling and concerned with moving forward. It is also the side of the body that is associated with giving rather than receiving. In addition, your energetic fields on the right hand side carry the energy of events that have occurred in your past.

If the right side of your body is weak, ask yourself the following questions:
(1)  In what ways are you not aggressive enough?
(2)  In what ways are you receiving too much and not giving enough?
(3)  Do you feel that there are any events from your past that might be contributing to any issues you might have on a mental, emotional or physical level?

The Left Side – Yin
The left side of your body is the feminine or yin side of the body. It is passive, allowing, and accepting of what is. Your energetic fields on the left hand side carry the energy of your projections (such as your worries, concerns or goals) for the future.

If the left side of your body is weak, ask yourself the following questions:
(1)  In what ways are you not willing to surrender control over certain situations in your life?
(2)  In what ways are you giving too much and not receiving enough?
(3)  In what way might your perception of your future be contributing to any issues you might have on a mental, emotional or physical level?

Tips to Balance Your Yin-Yang Energies
(1)  Get an alternative healing treatment such as acupuncture, reflexology or energy healing. With respect to the latter, a chakra clearing/balancing treatment can be particularly helpful.

(2)  Engage in a daily meditation practice to process unconscious or conscious emotions such as stress, which might be affecting your yin-yang balance.

(3)  Engage in exercises to strengthen the weaker side of your body. Yoga is great for balancing both sides.

(4)  Journal and reflect upon what circumstances or events in your life might be causing you to feel imbalanced. Then decide what action you need to take to overcome those circumstances.

These simple tips can assist you in restoring your body, mind and spirit to a state of balance and harmony.