Divine Creativity Healing 


The concept of creating change for oneself is linked with creativity. When you are imaginative and creative, you are more likely to want to invest in doing things differently and you will have the divine inspiration to do so. 

There are so many people complaining about life being stagnant and feel like they want to do something different but they are not sure what. 

This comprehensive healing service will create a clear energy channel from your crown chakra (the energy center that connects you to the universe for divine inspiration in accordance with your soul's purpose and plan) to your sacral chakra (the energy center for creativity and prosperity). I will be using a combination of healing modalities, including life force energy healing, angel therapy, zenith omega, akashic record healing and crystal healing. 

Here are the zenith omega clearings that will be done: 
1. Clearing for Action
2. Clarity of Purpose - this helps to give us a good awareness of what our soul is calling us to do
3. Focus Enhancement - helps us to keep focused on our goals
4. Healing the Inner Child - often our creativity is blocked due to childhood experiences and having to grow up and deal with the demands of society and its programming - this clears all of that and helps us to be in tune with our inner child and its natural, creative state
5. Integration to Release Flow of Creativity - to get your creative juices going
6. Integration with One's Divine Deity Center - helps you to become connected with your higher self
7. Clearing for Inner Direction - provides direction for where you may be lacking it
8. Clearing to Increase the Flow of Life's Energy - creativity requires a good frequency of life force energy running through your body - this helps with that
9. Right Choice for Soul's Growth - ensures that what you choose for yourself will be in your higher good
10. Clearing for Word Power Awareness - we so often use words forgetting the power that they may have on our energy fields - think of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work on water crystals being activated with different words and how the positive words created beautiful, striking crystals and the negative ones created these muddy like crystal figures - positive words carry a higher energetic frequency, which in turn affects what your energy field is attracting. This clearing helps you to be aware of that so you can actually start to change the words you are using. 
11. Clearing for the Requirements are Provided - this clearing anticipates all the blocks you might face and clears up parts of your energy fields to assist in ensuring that you have what you need to get to where you want to go

I'm also going to do a huge cleansing of the sacral chakra in general with respected to buried emotions, negative sexual experiences and blocks in finances. I will be using akashic record healing to complete this aspect of the healing. 

At the end of the healing we'll tune up your crown chakra and sacral chakra with crystal frequencies to support their continued growth and evolution. 

Price: $55 for 1 hour of healing

Instructions: Pay via paypal link below and I will set up a date/time for your session by e-mailing you after receiving your order.