Frequently Asked Questions 

What Will I Feel During an Energy Healing session?
Responses vary. Some feel a tingling sensation, warmth, gentle pressure, feel a heaviness lift from them or a wave of energy wrap around them. Others may not feel much going aside from feeling relaxed and calm. Whatever you do or don’t feel, the energy is at work and almost everyone notices differences in the coming days/weeks.

What Should I Wear during an Energy Healing session? 
You should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. 

What is Distance Healing?
Metaphysical science is revealing that there is a connection or matrix that unites all things in the universe. It is an energy that is everywhere and always present. This connection has transcended our traditional understanding of the laws of time and space. For example, a particle of light can bilocate, existing simultaneously at the same instant in two different places. Similarly, the energy sent during a healing session can exist simultaneously with the healer and the receiver despite the fact that they may not be located in the same room, city, or country.  

When you book a distance healing session, we set up a time that works for both of us and for that time, you sit or lie down to receive the healing. I will provide instructions to you upon payment. 

The effects of energy sent from a distance have been scientifically substantiated in books such as The Intention Experiment.

I do all of my work this way. You can read testimonials here. 

Where are you located?
I am located in Toronto, Canada. All sessions are done via distance healing and scheduled in EST time. 

How Do I Book/Pay for a Service? 
Under the description of each service is a link to paypal to complete payment. If you don't have a paypal account, you can set it up for free at

Upon receipt of payment, I will contact you to set up a time for your appointment.

How Do You Decide Your Fees? 
I consider market rates, my own experience and the amount of time I spend with you in establishing my fees. I believe strongly in offering affordable services, which is why I have provided rates that are lower than typical market rates.