Have you ever had something happen and you’ve asked yourself, “why on earth did this happen to me?” Examples include: 

  • You went through a hard time (e.g. suffered an emotional or material loss)

  • You wanted something for yourself, which never happened despite how hard you tried

  • You were struck with something completely out of the blue, like a car accident or an illness 

The purpose of this reading is to help you gain clarity about why something happened to you, the lesson that you have to learn from that experience and what you can do to move on.

This reading can be very liberating, allowing you to let go of resentment, anger and negativity.

In addition, you will receive a 30 minute Angel Therapy ® session sent to you by chi ball (i.e. the healing is contained in an energy ball that you can activate at any time you choose). The session will help you to heal from the experience you are inquiring about. 

Price: $35

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