Summer Solstice - Sacred Geometry Transmissions & 24 hour Crystal Hologram - June 21, 2019 (all day!)

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This year I’m going to be running a crystal hologram from 9 a.m. EST June 21st to 9 a.m. EST June 22nd to get you ready for positive energy, new beginnings, and change!

The following crystals will be used and their frequencies imparted to you for 24 hours:

  1. Chrysoprase - for optimism

  2. Chrysocolla - for new beginnings

  3. Green Amethyst - to keep your heart open

  4. Pink Tourmaline - for love in relationships

  5. Sacred 7 Stone - to enhance psychic ability and bring you in contact with divine energy

  6. Angel Phantom Quartz - for a greater connection to the angelic realm

  7. Citrine - for self confidence and prosperity

  8. Amazonite - for overall healing and health

I will also be sending the following zenith omega sacred geometry clearings into your fields throughout the day:

  1. Clearing for Colour - to help you take in the sacred geometry at the highest frequency

  2. The Third Eye Chakra Crystal

  3. The Heart Chakra Crystal

  4. The Throat Chakra Crystal

  5. Independence & Freedom

  6. “Something Special” - love this one, it always works to bring something special that is unique to you

  7. Clearing for the Right Choice for Soul’s Growth - this one really helps with spiritual evolution and growth

You can receive this no matter what you are doing and where you are located in the world.

Price: $38

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